Into the Radiance

Livtar Singh speaks about his song “Into the Radiance”:

I have been a new student. Sitting there wondering how it would ever be possible to get to where Yogiji is.

I have been the teacher, sitting where Yogiji sits, with the new students in front of me wondering the same thing.

I remember wanting Yogiji to just give us that “thing” that would take away the doubt, fear, pain, etc. of living in a physical form. And I see my students wanting this same “thing”.

The “thing” is, he had already given us the “thing” — Kundalini Yoga, Sadhana, Naam, Bani, Bhana, Simran, Seva.

The one thing he couldn’t/shouldn’t skip over is the time and effort it takes to practice these things. By practicing these things, the fog gradually clears, the windows are cleaned, and we can see what is always there.

Like cleaning the floors of the Golden Temple, Sadhana and Seva take mental and spiritual elbow grease. Then comes a time when you see and feel the Beloved around and within you. But still, there is the distance. As long as we are in this physical form, there is that separation (and separation anxiety).

This song is about bowing. The act of bowing is to physically bring your head low, to show humility and acceptance of the teachings. Mentally it represents bowing the ego down so that the Infinite Fountain of Wisdom inside you can come through.

There is an utter longing to come to the place of rest. To get there, one must pass through the thousand petaled lotus, which spins out thoughts like a lawnmower blade. Unless you can penetrate through that, the thoughts will always grab your mind and take you down dead-end paths, away from your Self.

The Beloved is right there, within you. It is you.  You are it. All it takes is that one pure moment to break through.