Ram Das Puri According to Hopi Elders

Posted:            Sunday, February 9, 1986, 6:54 P.M. PST
From:               MSS Gurujot Singh Khalsa
To:                   Coordinators 1986 Summer Solstice “Peace Prayer Day”
Subject:           RAM DAS PURI

Sat Nam Ji,

This is the story told to us at the first Summer Solstice in New Mexico in 1970 by a delegation of Hopi Indian spiritual guides.  They were very old men, with long white hair, and they came to us to tell us of huge gatherings of spiritual people that had been taking place for a hundred thousand years.  During those times, the tribal leaders, the religious leaders, the greatest warriors, and the most inspirational women would gather together to celebrate, preserve, and protect the One Unified Supreme Spirit.  Their gatherings would stretch from the south of New Mexico into Mexico and Asia, across the Bering Straits, and from all over South America up through Central America.  Their belief was that the spark of the Spirit lived in everyone, and by gathering together with others, the One Unified Supreme Spirit could manifest more clearly.

Gatherings would occur once every 108 years.  This was so that the people who came to each gathering had heard about it firsthand, from someone who had actually experienced the last meeting.  The last major gathering of this kind was over two thousand years ago.

At that time, it was determined that the forces of destruction, violence, disharmony and perversion were increasing at such a force that the Spirit needed to be protected and kept from the onslaught of the darkness.  The Hopi Tribe was chosen to be the keeper of the One Unified Supreme Spirit.  Since that time, the Hopi tribe became a very mystical, spiritual limb of the Great Tree, as they called it.  Their interests were in the matters of the Spirit.

As they told their story, they said that just before the darkness would come to its height a white-clad warrior from the East would come and create an army of white-clad warriors who would rise up and protect the Unified Supreme Spirit.  During that period, the final battle between good and evil would be waged.  The delegation then stated that they were giving the duty of keeping and protecting the One Unified Supreme Spirit to the Siri Singh Sahib, for they had determined that he was the white-clad warrior that had been spoken of.  Although man of us did not know what to think of this, the Siri Singh Sahib took it very seriously.

Then, a few years later, a few representatives of the Hope Indians, came to us, took us up on a mountain in New Mexico, and showed us the vast lands that stretched further than the eye could see, where the tribes had met and where millions of people had gathered.  Then, they pointed to the place where the holy men of all the tribes had gathered to sit and bring about a focus.  This was so that the Light of the Unified Supreme Spirit could be consciously experienced by them, and through them, the great tribes and the whole world could know that Spirit.  As they pointed to the spot, they said, “We must prepare this place, so that the Unified Supreme Spirit can once again be experienced by the great tribes and spread through all the people of the world.

They turned and pointed over the mountain and said that from over there, the great force of darkness will come, and once gain try to destroy the light of the people and the people themselves.  At the time, we did not realize that it was very likely that they may have been speaking of Los Alamos, which is directly on the other side of the mountain.  It was there, that the first atomic bomb had been developed and which could very likely be the force of darkness which, in its manifested state, could destroy all the people of the world.  As they once again drew our attention to the spot where they were pointing, they reiterated our responsibility to prepare this place in order to give this planet a hope and a chance.

As we researched how we could buy this land, we discovered that the land for thousands and thousands of acres in all directions, was either a part of the Indian reservation, and therefore not likely to be sold to us, or owned by the Bureau of Land Management and could not be sold to any private person.  The amazing thing, which some may call a coincidence, was that the exact parcel of land to which they had pointed, was, in fact, the only land anywhere around that was privately owned and which was available for us to purchase.

We immediately purchased it, and have been preparing this land, for ten years.  It is the land we call Ram Das Puri, which means the “village of the servants of God” or the One Unified Supreme Spirit.  After these ten years of preparation, the Siri Singh Sahib has now called on all believers of the One God, and all those leaders and people of faith and hope, to come together on June 22, 1986, in order to humbly meditate, pray and experience the peace and consciousness that must grow and grow and grow at this time, in order to uplift, and enlighten this planet. It is time for the forces of light and righteousness to peacefully, with love as the driving force, begin to turn the destiny of all the people of this world toward harmony. We understand it will be hard work and a lot of effort, and it may even appear that the darkness will become darker before the light is seen to any great extent, but the time is now, and now is the time to begin. ·It is now that we must set the course; it is now that we must participate; it is now that we must serve.

This is the story that the Siri Singh Sahib told about Ram Das Puri as I remember it.  Now its context has a greater meaning.  I think the story should be told and retold, printed and reprinted.  I’m sure others can add to this story with maybe more clarity and inspiration than I can tell it.  I was there for both meetings and I remember them vividly.

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“Khalsa is, here, hereafter and thereafter. We are a deathless bunch.   Many will not make it, but more many will come. We shall continue.  We are the Age of Aquarius and as the Hopi elder said, ‘we are the white warriors who have come to redeem the Earth and bring the consciousness’. We can be forever, and we are forever, and we shall be forever. As little rivers join the rivulets, join the river and river goes back to the ocean, this flow will continue”.  ~Yogi Bhajan, June 19, 1994 (as also shared in the 2016 Aquarian Wisdom Calendar)