Harmonizing the Spirit

Kundalini Yoga, Connection, and Manifestation through community and Saadh Sangat

Harmonizing the Spirit

Kundalini Yoga, Connection, and Manifestation through community and Saadh Sangat

October 21, 2023 from 1pm - 3:30 pm EST

Discover the profound synergy of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with LIVE MUSIC in the company of Karina Skye. Join us for an empowering workshop that celebrates the strength of community and the wonder of universal connection. 

Through collective chanting, transformative Kriyas, and meditative practices, we’ll expand our awareness beyond the self, immersing ourselves in the eternal essence of Ek Ong Kar and the Universal Vibration resonating through every being. 

Despite being virtually connected via Zoom, this unique platform transcends borders, allowing us to unite globally for a profound, ‘four-dimensional’ experience, enriching our souls and fostering boundless growth.

Karina Skye is an experienced yoga and Kundalini teacher (ERYT500 – YACEP – IKYTA) as well as a renowned recording artist of many genres including Sacred Music and Gurbani Kirtan.


We’d like to emphasize that “Harmonizing the Spirit” is a live event and will NOT be recorded. We hope that you can join us for this live experience, as it will create a unique and special connection among all participants. The energy and synergy of the live event are something we believe you won’t want to miss.

Meet Karina Skye

Karina Skye

Karina Skye

Internationally renowned Recording Artist from Brazil, and talented multi-instrumentalist with over 150 titles released (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Gurmukhi), Karina Skye is also a highly experienced Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher (ERYT500 IKYTA).

- Founder of www.modernyogaacademy.org

- Author of “My Mind Is My Best Friend: Mindfulness for Kids”, “My Mind Is My Best Friend: The Simple ART of Mindfulness ( Training My Mind to Help me Thrive)”, ”365 Days of Mindfulness”, and “Paint Play & Learn with Lua Maresol”

- Recording Artist, Producer & CEO of Unlimited Skye Records.

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