The 1st Body: The Soul Body

The first of the Ten Bodies is your best friend for life—your Soul—your flow of spirit. It exemplifies courage, creativity, humility, and vision. The key phrase for the Soul body is “Heart over Head.” When you come from the head instead of the heart, you become overly reliant on intellect alone. When you come from your heart, you can tap into the inner guidance and wisdom of your heart and mind. The Soul Body is the light of the Infinite which lives in your heart. The key to balancing the Soul Body is a spiritual practice that empowers you to raise your consciousness and open your heart to the Divine.


Resources to Support Your Work with the Soul Body


Spotify Playlist for the Soul Body



Japji – The Song of the Soul
Jap means to repeat, and Ji means Soul. The repetition of Japji gives you a consistent projection and allows you to access your own infinite source of inspiration and depth. To master the Soul Body, recite Japji Sahib by Guru Nanak daily for 1,000 days.



Guidance of the Soul
Practice this kriya and observe what experience arises from the depths of your Self.

Meditation to Open the Heart
Practice this meditation if you feel your heart is closed and you want to open it to the flow of love.

Kriya to Balance the Head and the Heart
This kriya brings a balance between logic and feeling, between ideas and the “fire” to put them into action, between an overly intellectual mind and overly sensitive emotions. It aligns the head and heart so you can be great and graceful, aware and loving.

Laya Yoga Chant
This chant brings presence to your soul and destiny. It lets your activity serve your purpose, by connecting you with creativity and focusing your attention on your true priorities. Strong actions combined with non-attachment make life a dance with much creativity and gratitude.

Meditation to Open the Lock of the Heart
The heavy jolt of this exercise, as you spring your hands and arms apart, will cause a jerking reaction in your chest cavity, which will open up your Heart Center. Opening your heart center is opening up to your own Infinity.

Accessing the Source of Strength in You
For our security we normally reach outward to things or inward to emotions and strong feelings. When instead we tap the deep strength of our soul, we can achieve fulfillment.

Balancing Mind & Heart unto Infinity
This meditation balances the frequency and quality of the Heart Center. The Heart Center opens the potential for compassion and humility.

Meditation for Release of Cold Depression
Cold Depression is when the external demand is greater than the internal capacity to deliver and we have spent our reserves. We are depressed but we are so numb and insensitive to our own self, we do not feel it. The depression is therefore “cold.” This leads us to inner anger and isolation from our soul.

Meditation for the Heart Center
It is through the understanding that comes from the heart that the mind can realize the concept that Infinity is within us.

Meditation for the Divine Shield
If you practice this meditation on a regular basis, it can eliminate the feeling of loneliness and separation from your soul.

Pituitary Gland Series
It is said that when the pituitary gland is balanced through yoga and meditation, the body comes into harmony with the soul.

Meditation to Change Your Destiny
This meditation brings deep relaxation, strength, and mental clarity. Also called “soul talk,” it is said to bring the experience of the soul on the spot.

Meditation Into Being: I Am I Am
To be what you are is the essence of truth and will lead you to the nature of reality.


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