Find a Practice That’s Right For You

Whether you’re new to Kundalini Yoga, deep in your practice, or a long-term teacher searching for inspiration, the improved search feature on our website makes it easy to find a practice that’s right for you!

One of the most lovable things about Kundalini Yoga is that there is so much breadth and depth to the teachings. With thousands of kriyas, breath exercises, and meditations, it’s easy to keep our practice innovative and fresh. Still, this can be overwhelming! With so many kriyas and meditations out there, how do you go about finding a practice that’s right for you?

A quick visit to the Practice Page on our website will take you to the new search bar, with specific filters that help you find a daily practice that meets your needs. It allows you to search through the 3HO index of kriyas, meditations, and breath exercises by practice type, activity level, time commitment, and benefit. Let’s explore this below.

Let’s say you’re early for a work meeting and have 15 minutes before you have to go in. You want a 3-5 minute practice to center your energy. You can now search for that!

Let’s say you’re a long-term teacher preparing a weekend immersion for anxiety and stress relief. You can use the new search function to find kriyas, meditations, and breath exercises that are specifically related to your subject matter using the drop-down menus in the search.

One thing is certain: whether you’re committed to, curious about, or casual with the Kundalini Yoga practice, the new search page on our website is for you. No more one-size-fits-all; it’s time to find a practice that’s suited for you.

3HO International

3HO International

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