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The Soul's Yearning for Inner Guidance

By Sangeet Kaur

When you unlock the mysteries of the soul’s decisions as encapsulated in Yogic Numerology, you find many keys as to how to tap into your inner wisdom. The soul's choices before birth include those which will make us either happy or miserable in this lifetime—happy if we learn to deeply listen to the rhythm and reasoning of the Universe resonating within us, or unhappy if we do not.

Do this brief calculation and you will discover your "soul number"—that number which represents your soul's deepest yearnings in its desire for happiness and guidance: take the date of the day you were born, from I to 31. If it is a number between 1 and 11, that is your soul number. Hold on to it. If you were born anywhere from the 12th to the 31st, add the two numbers together to reduce it to a number between 1 and 11. So a 28 becomes a 10 (not a 1), a 24 becomes a 6, and so on.

Now here are some tips on how to use your soul number to tap into inner guidance:

For a 1, guidance comes through meditating on the long Ong, inviting union with the Infinite, or God. A one seeks to overcome feelings of being small or alone, and that meditation will bring fullness and answers.

For a 2, chant Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, also known as the Adi Mantra, to awaken the teacher within. A two seeks partnership in its fear of being less than whole. This chant will elevate any earthly connection to a divine one by awakening the Divine within.

For a 3, chant the Seven Wave Sat Nam to release the chatter of many voices, the concerns about support and giving too much, and to help you focus on the one voice it is wisest to hear. A three has to sort out the one voice from among so many it has internalized.

For a 4, a Guru Ram Das chant will bring a calming sense of order and protection which will bring healing. From such a place, answers can come to questions we did not even know we had.

For a 5, engage in the most basic breath walk routine at any walking pace—inhale in four equal strokes while mentally chanting Sa Ta Na Ma and then exhale in four strokes whispering Wa-he-Gu-ru. This mental and physical balance opens the mind.

For a 6, chant Sat Kartar with a simple hand movement out from the heart to build the sacred self. A heart-based feeling of low esteem can impede a six from believing himself worthy of divine guidance. 

For a 7, chant Ad Guray Nameh to build a strong aura of protectiion and awaken to the wisdom within. A seven must turn withdrawal into refuge in order to witness the inner voice of truth.

For an 8, chant Wahe Guru 16-40 times on a breath to tap into the life force energy we call Prana. With it, an eight can grasp and understand anything. Nothing is beyond your reach,

For a 9, chant Aad Sach Jugaad Sach to connect heavens and Earth and release any resistance. The Infinite reach of a nine must still be grounded. A nine rushes to know everything yet must master knowing one to hear the true wisdom.

For a 10, build the fire of courage chanting Chattra Chakkra Vartee. You must overcome smallness and aloneness (the challenge of a 1) and become infinite. Then you awaken the Infinite within you and guidance is yours.

For an 11, chant the Complete Adi Mantra for Indlvidual Meditation daily to open to the wisdom of the Universe, as one awakens the beloved of your dreams. In this true merger, all is known.

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, lives in Arizona, and is a master numerologist sought out for her personal sessions and workshops. For more information: