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8 Reasons I Will Do Kundalini Yoga Forever

By Sat Avtar Kaur

1. I've got too many ideas. This yoga makes me so damn creative—I don't even know what to do with myself anymore. I don't know how I'm going to fit all this in in one lifetime. Unless I live until I'm 300 and grow two more arms, I am in trouble.

2. You can't lie to me. Even when I don't want to know the truth, you still can't lie to me because I'll know it. The truth isn't all it's cracked up to be sometimes. You know what they say—ignorance is bliss.

3. I'm too smart and independent. I can't be controlled. Slightly related to you can't lie to me is you can't control me. You can't fool me with false marketing. You can't make me believe that you're actually concerned with my well-being and welfare and that you care about me when you don't. You call me a consumer, I call myself a conSOULer. A consouler of heart, spirit, and mind.

4. You forced me to be obsessed with my hair and what’s on it. All these different colored sparkly turbans—I can't live without them.

5. I've got too many friends now, with all these weird names that I can't keep track of. Now I have all these happy birthdays I've got to wish. Now that there are all these people I have to see at the festivals every year, I have to go to!

6. I know too much. I know what's coming in the mail today. I know who's thinking of me. I just sometimes know a little more than I want to know.

7. All my clothes, which are conveniently white, have tumeric stains on them!

8. I can't settle for anything less than my best. I can't settle for anything other than achieving my destiny. I can't settle for believing anything less than that I deserve happiness, health and abundant prosperity.

Sat Avtar Kaur/Jamie Crowley is the creator of Aquarian Yogi, an online Kundalini Yoga studio and healing website that offers uplifting Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and Ayurveda video classes and a free monthly teleconference, Energy Enlightened System, with Dr. Sham-Rang. All are welcome to try the studios free classes and offerings. Her debut chant album "Voice of an Angel" is due in early 2016. Sat Avtar Kaur is also a branding and online marketing/design consultant, and actress. 
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