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You are a Spiritual Warrior

By Stella Bodhi aka Angela Schaefers

I never would have believed it if you told me I was a spiritual warrior! I was not sure what it was to be one. It entails many attributes; grace, strength, a heart for others and more. What I have found is that we are all spiritual warriors, and it is up to us to develop that part of us to ensure we are living up to our full potential.

To see value within ourselves is the first step. Before I realized I was a spiritual warrior, I thought I did not qualify. I envisioned others as the ‘spiritual gurus’ of the world—those who I could never compare to. I thought I had to meet some unrealistic (and impossible) standards to be like them.

When I began to discover my spiritual depth, I began to see the spiritual warrior within. I understand now that I don’t have to be strong, graceful or peaceful at all times, though I strive to be. And I don’t believe that anyone can be all of that at all times, because we are human.

A warrior is one who sometimes has to make an effort to be so and other times has to be accepting of where they are in the moment. When I choose to see myself as powerful, worthy and capable, I feel the warrior within.

This time of spring is a time of renewal and refreshment. It is a great time to seek the spiritual warrior within, to develop that part of yourself and embrace it!

“A warrior must only take care that his spirit is never broken.”
-Chozan Shissai

Angela Davis Schaefers aka Stella Bodhi is a coach, workshop facilitator, speaker and writer. She has interviewed people around the globe to share their inspiring stories of overcoming challenges and living successfully. She writes various articles on motivation, self-improvement and inspiration, often sharing her own experiences or those she has learned from. She authored her memoir Grief to Grace. She published her book, ‘Your Story Matters, You Matter – A guide to healing, learning from and sharing your story‘ and is completing two additional books, ‘Cancer Doesn’t Come Wrapped In A Pretty Ribbon‘ and ‘Unlocking Grief.’