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The Yogic Recipe for Old-Fashioned Root Beer

For a delicious cooling drink, try this 'old-fashioned' recipe.

Sarsaparilla is a great blood purifier. It is said to be helpful in cases of rheumatism, skin disorders, sexual impotence, general weakness, and to detoxify the body after taking a strong poison. (Do not attempt to use as an antidote.) It is also used as a natural stimulant of the male and female sex hormones.

Make a large batch of the syrup and then just add it to sparkling water whenever you want a cooling drink.

7 cups honey

2 oz sarsaparilla extract

4 1/2 cups hot water

sparkling water

To make the syrup, dissolve the honey and sarsaparilla in hot water and stir until thoroughly blended. Add 2 Tbsp of this syrup to sparkling water and drink.

Many yogic recipes come from ancient yogic tradition and many of them contain potent herbs, botanicals and naturally occurring ingredients which have traditionally been used to support the structure and function of the human body. Nothing in this text should be construed as medical advice. Always check with your personal physician or licensed health care practitioner before making any significant modification in your diet, and before using any of these recipes, to insure that the recipes and ingredients are appropriate for your personal health condition and consistent with any medication you may be taking.

This recipe can be found in Foods for Health and Healing: Remedies and Recipes Based on the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan