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Yogic Living November 2021

Volume 1:  Deep Refreshing Sleep

Sleep allows the body and the mind to rest, recuperate, regenerate, and heal. The deeper and more peaceful the sleep, the more rested we feel the next morning. There’s nothing like waking up feeling refreshed, alert, and ready to face the day.

While each person must adopt consistent sleep hygiene practices that work for them, there are effective kundalini kriyas, meditations, and guidelines that you can practice to sleep better.

Kriya for Achieving Comfortable, Happy Sleep

This set is eleven exercises long and takes approximately 45-minutes to 1-hour to complete. It works to stimulate the navel point area so that we can experience Sukh Nidra, which is comfortable happy sleep. Ideally, if you do these exercises before bed and then go to sleep for the night, it will take away strange dreams and give you wonderful subconscious clearance.

Shabad Kriya for Deep, Relaxing Sleep

The best time to practice this kriya is every night before bed, but it can be practiced any time of the day. It is said that if it is practiced regularly, sleep will be deep and relaxed, and the nerves will regenerate.

After a few months, the rhythm of your breath as you sleep will be subconsciously regulated in the rhythm of the mantra. You will think better, work better, share better, love better, and sleep better.

Yogic Tips for a Good Nights Sleep

Medical experts are increasingly advising those struggling with poor sleep to try more natural solutions like yoga. According to Yoga Can Help With Insomnia in Psychology Today, "Researchers at Harvard Medical School investigated how a daily yoga practice might affect sleep for people with insomnia and found broad improvements to measurements of sleep quality and quantity."

Signs your sleep could use improvement include taking too long to fall asleep, waking multiple times with difficulty falling back asleep, overall light and restless sleep, and drowsiness during the day. Sleep is an important component of health and wellness

Numerology for November

The month of November brings a season of time where we are contemplating our relationship to the evolving world around us and deciding what stays and what goes — decisions, decisions, along with the need to determine who or what elevates us, and what brings us down.

It is essential at this time to “lighten the load” of commitments and obligations that are unnecessary, and free up space for your own creative process. A very specific type of high-octane mental energy is required now, and developing this energy will allow you to successfully round the curve of 2021 into 2022.

Volume 2: Gratitude

Think about everything you can give thanks for—all your blessings and all your challenges. Can you discover the hidden gifts, even in the most difficult moments? How can you make it a part of your practice to appreciate everything in your life? Living with an attitude of gratitude opens doors to opportunities we can't imagine.

3HO invites you to explore the incredible gifts that come into your life when you create a habit of gratitude.

Attitude of Gratitude Meditation

This mantra is said to attract prosperity and dispel negativity. It’s fast and effective and brings in what is needed. You need to be who you are—your authentic self. When you think or talk negatively, it is said that that negativity negates who you are. Cultivate the attitude of gratitude. The attitude of gratitude is when you are grateful for every breath of life. Tap into your ability to uplift yourself through this meditation.

Meditation for Gurprasad

This meditation includes a very restful posture. The pressure against the rib cage meridian points gives relaxation. Allow all the blessings of life to flow to you; ask for whatever you need; know yourself to be blessed; feel the boundless flow of spirit.

Gratitude-A Celebration of Life

The frequency of gratitude is really a celebration of life. For instance, a bird shows its gratitude by chirping, a dog by wagging its tail, and a bee by buzzing. If you notice, all of life on this planet Earth is forever celebrating life. We humans express our celebration of life through the frequency of our hearts.

Potato Leek Soup

This soup is so flavorful and delicious! I've refined the recipe over many years. My daughter has always loved this soup and begs me to make it, even to this day. I recently made a batch and gave her half. She was in heaven!