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Yogic Living July 2021

Volume 1: De-Stress with the Breath

The mind follows the breath and the body follows the mind. When we take deep, slow inhales and exhales, our mind begins to slow down. This helps ease anxiety, worry, and stress, and brings us into the present moment. 

Pranayama - yogic breathing, increases prana - our life force energy. Without enough prana we may feel tired, stressed, burned out, anxious, sick and depressed. 

In yoga we see the breath as the number one tool to alleviate stress. It's free, and you can do it anytime. Try these Kundalini breath meditations to calm your mind and body and de-stress.

Meditation to Alleviate Stress

Beyond Stress & Duality

Numerology for July: Sit by a River

The Best Black Bean Veggie Burger

Volume 2: Get Unstuck

Is there some place in your life where you feel stuck? Is there a block that is not moving for you? 

We are faced with all kinds of blocks - creative, financial, relationships, career. Hardening ourselves with resistance or fighting the flow of life often creates more blocks and stagnant energy. Instead, where can you soften yourself, slow down, and breathe? Check in with your intuitive mind. Challenges and blocks are messages and signals telling us it is time to grow and trust in our inner guidance.

However you care to think about the blocks in your life, Kundalini Yoga offers many mantras and meditations to help us break through them. Here we feature two effective meditations.

Mantra to Remove Blocks

The Way through any Block is Yours

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