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Yogic Living for December 2020

Meditation to Open the Heart
Practice this meditation if you feel your heart is closed and you want to open it to the flow of love. 

Meditation for Peace & Happiness (video)

A Kriya for Keep Up Spirit
A kriya for joy, tranquility, peace, and the power to serve and uplift all those who need us.
13 exercises for a great kundalini workout.


All About the Heart Chakra​​​​​​​
The Heart Chakra relates to the ability to feel compassion and love. It encompasses the ability to heal yourself and others. It is enhanced by a life of service, because selfless service comes from the strength and integrity of unconditional love.

Numerology for December: Shake it Off!​​​​​​​
The month of December 2020 brings a time of restive soul-searching, combined with the desire for a dynamic change in one's life. We are feeling an element of exhaustion from the events of this year, and yet there is a deep inner knowing that greater possibilities are being held in trust for us in 2021. 

Chocolate Bliss Balls​​​​​​​
Here's a twist on regular Bliss Balls with the addition of chocolate nibs and peppermint-delightful for a special holiday.​​​​​​​