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Yogic Living: Create the Life You Want

Is your life the one you envision for yourself? Are you ready to make some changes?

Getting clear about what your goals and dreams are is the first step in creating the life you want. Once you are clear, the next challenge is keeping that focus and actually making it happen. The fire of the kundalini energy gives us clarity, commitment, discipline, will-power, and the ability to carry out our intentions and accomplish our goals.

This issue of Yogic Living offers inspiration and yogic wisdom on getting clear, setting goals, removing blocks, attracting opportunities, maintaining focus, and dwelling in gratitude.

Get crystal clear on what kind of life you want and act consistently in higher consciousness to attain it.


Wisdom from the Master

Quotes: Create the Life You Want


    The 10 Sacred Secrets of Success

    Enrich Your Mind

    Get Rid of Your "Couldn't"

    Turning Blocks into Triangles

    Value Your Virtues

    Secrets of Success

    Make an Attitude to be in Gratitude


Kundalini Yoga Technology

Kriya for Becoming Crystal Clear 

Kundalini Yoga Video: Nabhi Kriya
This set focuses on developing the strength of the navel point and the power of the Third Chakra. When the navel energy flows properly, the energy and the will to support your actions is maintained.

Beaming and Creating the Future
Become still and project the mind to create your future and your relationship to the world. 

Tapa Yog Karam Kriya: Deliver Your Intentions
This kriya develops willpower and is perfect to overcome difficulty in completing projects and doing what you intend.

Meditation for Completing Your Goals with Higher Guidance
This meditation links the essence of your purpose to the greater minds and souls in the Cosmos. Help and knowledge come back to serve you and complete your goal.

Wahe Guru Kriya for Nervous Balance
This meditation helps you have the strength to act on your ideals, and to consciously direct yourself.

The Joy of Effective Action
Be inspired by the bliss of intending an action and having it happen.

Laya Yoga Chant
The Infinite Will and your will act together. Strong actions combined with non-attachment make life a dance with creativity and gratitude.

Meditation for Keeping You Steady & On the Path
This meditation helps you guide your project through all the interests that would interfere or stop it. You pass the challenges and sail toward fulfillment.

The Healthy Happy Holy Breath
This meditation uses the power of the breath to enhance the depth of the effects of the mantra and to carry out your intentions.

Maha Shakti Kriya
This kriya is a simple stimulation of the Navel Center to put you into action and to move you toward completing your goals.

Nabhi Kriya
This classic and challenging kundalini kriya focuses on developing the strength of the navel point and the power of the Third Chakra. When the navel energy flows properly, the energy and the will to support your actions is maintained.

Get Rid of Your "Couldn't"
We need to make our will so clean, clear and positive that "couldn't" does not touch our shores. Kundalini Yoga takes away our “couldn't” and gives us our excellence.

Mandhavani Kriya: Mantra to Clear Blocks 
This is a very special and sophisticated meditation. Yogi Bhajan shared this meditation as a way to cultivate, know and act from your heart. We need the clarity of our heart to know how to walk the path of spirit and fulfill ourselves as human beings.

Mantra to Open Blockages in Your Life
"Now suppose something happens in your life which you want to move and it's not moving. There is a block and it's not moveable. Then chant, ‘Aad Such, Jugaad Such, Hai Bhay Such, Nanak Hosee Bhay Such.' It's a lever. It is the biggest lever available to you among mantras.” – Yogi Bhajan

Meditation for Wealth and Intuitive Opportunity 
This meditation can make it intuitively possible for you to live creatively to your own potential and to tap the opportunities around you.


Conscious Lifestyle

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The Third Chakra: The Will of the Spiritual Warrior

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