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Yoga Festival Price Comparisons

“Revolve your life around Summer and Winter Solstice and everything will be taken care of.”
Yogi Bhajan

3HO commits to making it possible for the 3HO family to make these two Solstice Sadhanas a part of your life by keeping them affordable.

With participants’ support in Karma Yoga and through donations from those who have a bit more to give, Solstice stays affordable for all while improving the quality of the food, facility and camp resources.

In relation to other gatherings that compare in facilities and food, the Solstice Sadhanas are 60% to 18% percent less per day. Solstice is only $70.00 per day for everything.

Some of the events, festivals and gatherings we used in our homework:

Hanuman Yoga Festival, Wanderlust Festival, Sat Nam Festival, Bhakti Fest West, Burning man event, Lighting in a bottle festival