The Five Female Virtues

There are five virtues that are the heart of our spiritual character as women, and each one builds upon the other: Kindness, Compassion, Creativity, Courage, and Majesty. Together they move us within a spiral of development and upliftment called the Spiral of Excellence, that realizes our indomitable brilliance as women. Through this Spiral of Excellence we are led to Unity, a place of creativity and intimacy with our Self, others, and all Creation. These five virtues are explored as individual themes at IWC and will take us through the start of the Aquarian Age.

2009 Theme: Kindness
Kindness is the act of recognizing that another person IS your own kind. Kindness is an aspect of Sat Nam, as we cultivate identification with our own Self and the Self in others. Kindness is love and a lack of separation and a feeling of being in-kind with others. This virtue is a feeling of universal kindness, recognizing that everyone is part of you. Kindness is the natural expression of the first Sutra of the Aquarian Age: Recognize that the other person is you.

2010 Theme: Compassion
Compassion is being willing to sacrifice the ego and share your real Self with and for another. Residing in the heart chakra, compassion gives you a sense of the Self in connection with others. This virtue assists us in moving beyond emotion and allows the Self to welcome love. Through compassion, emotional commotion gives way to the establishment of a strong, receptive Self.

When kindness towards yourself becomes so strong that you cannot help but naturally extend yourself to others, you have discovered true compassion. In 2010 International Women’s Camp focus will be Living the Teachings with Compassion. Compassion correlates with the fourth Sutra of the Aquarian Age:  Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.

2011 Theme: Creativity 
Creativity comes from stillness.  Take a breath and before the exhale there is a moment where you are between formless and form.  In that moment of stillness- you can create.  Creativity flows from the second Sutra of the Aquarian Age: "There is a way through every block". You can find a way through any block, because you can create a way through any block.

2012 Theme: Courage
Courage is movement, the power to deliver on your creativity. Courage is navigating through your fear. Courage is the first step.
Courage is the spiritual currency of the third Sutra of the Aquarian Age: “When the time is on you, begin and the pressure will be off.”

2013 Theme: Majesty
Majesty is the application of kindness, compassion, creativity, and courage. It is the ultimate acceptance of – and reliance on – your light and radiance that is in your nature. Relating to your own inner virtues brings the awareness that you have everything within you. This process brings you to Majesty: the power of presence tempered by quietude. Majesty is the realization in action of the fifth Sutra of the Aquarian Age: “Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path.”