2014 Theme: Celebrating Women and the Power of the Spoken Word

In the past five years of International Women's Camp, we have placed great emphasis on developing our brilliance by dedicating each year to the Spiral of Excellence—five virtues that are the heart of our spiritual character as women. Each one of these qualities builds upon the other: Kindness, Compassion, Creativity, Courage, and Majesty. 

In celebration of our journey through these 5 virtues, this year our theme is "Celebrating Women and the Power of the Spoken Word." Our lives' manifestations are a direct result of our commitment and projection. We are the center of our universe. We are the core of the household, of  each family, and of each community. How we communicate, listen, act and react—in a few words and gestures—can convey our level of consciousness, intelligence, grace, and wisdom. The conversations we have with ourselves and with others can last a minute or a lifetime.



The magic continues up at Ram Das Puri. The Summer Solstice energy carries on as we prepare ourselves for another week on this sacred and very special land.  Imagine converging up at this powerful space with 100 of your dearest sisters to be nurtured and fed. We will have a chance to connect to our spirit each morning during sadhana, chant with the angels, move our bodies, listen to Aquarian Teachings, create, and share.

Monday, June 30- Shakta Kaur will cover the main differences of the Lunar Woman and the Solar Man and provide tools on how we can communicate and improve our relationships.  Prabhu Nam Kaur will shed light on the Sacred Naad, sacred sound current and explain in depth the prayer of protection and projection, So Purkh. Under the stars, we will enjoy Chant Night with live music by Dev Suroop Kaur and Sat Purkh Kaur.

Tuesday, July 1- We will go on a Breathwalk with Shakta Kaur, infuses us with wisdom in her class Woman: The Living Legacy. Guru Dev Singh, Yogi Bhajan called him a  living saint and the key holder and Master of Sat Nam Rasayan will  lead us on a journey to healing.  In the afternoon, we have Specialties classes, a cozy setting to really dig deep into: Conscious Pregnancy with Tarn Taran Kaur, Song Writing with Sat Purkh Kaur, and the Art of Diplomacy and Superhealth with Mukta Kaur. In the evening, we have a chance to sit in the Wisdom Circle and share with Pritpal Kaur.

Wednesday, July 2 - r We will jumpstart the day with Bangra with Ravi Kaur, enjoy a Yogi Bhajan video with Guru Kirn Kaur, delve into another class of Sat Nam Rasayan with Guru Dev Singh and engage/invite our Creativity with Guru Kirn Kaur. In the evening, we soak in the hot mineral waters of Ojo Caliente.

Thursday, July 3 - We will strengthen our bodies and spirt through the martial arts practice of Gatka with Guru Kirn Kaur. We will be immersed in the Womens Teachings and have a vigorous yoga set with Deva Kaur. We will learn how to Facilitate Circles and bring this technology back to our communities with Pritpal Kaur.  In our Specialties classes, we will unleash our creative Kraftalini with Harjot Kaur, navigate the waters or Women Under Pressure with Harpal Kaur and Discover the Gurdwara with Sat Bachan Kaur. In the evening we witness the sheer force of talent at the Open Mic with Harjot Kaur.

Friday, July 4-We celebrate by  visiting Yogi Bhajan's Ranch where we will connect to the warrior saint spirit through Gatka with Guru Kirn Kaur and connect with the Master through the Tratakum with Siri Gian Kaur. Swimming in the pool and tours of the Ranch and Chimayo are our afternoon options.  In the evening, we get to meet and speak to the honorable BibiJi, Yogi Bhajan's wife.
Saturday, July 5- We embrace the day with Calisthenics with Sat Darshan Kaur, enjoy a rigorous Yoga class with Dr. Haridass Kaur, learn how to Overcome Conflict and Crises with Yogi Bhajan's video with Sat Purkh Kaur, and experience an interactive session with Deva Kaur. The closing ceremony will seal the weeklong journey and be an emotional highlight filled with gratitude and tears of joy.

Sunday, July 6- We cherish our morning sadhana and Gurdwara experience. We will enjoy our tasty breakfast and prepare to close camp and begin our journeys home. Home to a familiar place but with new eyes and an increased nervous system to handle more. 

We look forward on embarking this journey with you.

Sat Nam,

Dr. Haridass Kaur Khalsa, IWC Coordinator