Women's World Market


The Women's World Market's  purpose is to help participants recover the costs of travel and other expenses as well as to facilitate the sharing of products that support the yogic lifestyle. For this reason, only fully-registered participants are eligible to sell in the Women's World Market.

Making new friends at the Women's World Market

If you would like to apply to be a vendor at the Women's World Market kindly fill out a vendor application.

What Can Be Sold in the World Market

All products and services must be aligned with the International Women's Camp experience and support the yogic lifestyle. Past marketplace selections have included goods and services that compliment the yogic lifestyle:  clothing, jewelry, snacks, henna tattoos, massage & energy healing, and other high-frequency offerings.

Options for Vendors

The Women's World Market is hosted in a big white tent. You may bring your own lighting, decor, display cases, and clothing racks, as you see fit. Rental Fees: One  5' x 5' Space:  $54 includes one 4' table and one chair Two  5' x  5' Spaces:  $108 includes one 8' table and two chairs. All food and beverage products available in the Women's World Market must be approved by the 3HO Events Team. Kindly email us with any questions, [email protected].

Body Workers

All healers who physically touch their clients MUST BE LICENSED IN THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO. Also, the healing space is within the World Market, and therefore can be a little chaotic. Please expect to hold your healing space under these conditions. Electricity is available. You need to supply your own extension cord. Bring only low-wattage electronics, and only necessary ones, as our electrical grid will only support a limited draw and lighting failures are bad for business.

Arrival for Vendors

You must first park your vehicle and register as a participant, even if you registered early. You must complete the registration process before you set up your table. Please arrive on the early side of registration hours in order to be fully set up by 2:30pm. Please be respectful of the challenge of taking care of each vendor's need for location as well as the constraints on the physical space.

Vendor Parking

There is NO PERMANENT PARKING in Shakti Valley. Each vendor is allowed to temporarily park at the World Market to unload their vehicle, after unloading you must move your vehicle to the general parking lot.


3HO Foundation is not responsible for any missing or stolen items. Please keep all money in a safe place, such as on your person. You are required to secure your merchandise through the use of your tarps, utility clips or locking trunks according to your own judgment.


During IWC, we may periodically close the market area during all-camp activities. Nightly, the Women's World Market closes at 9:50 pm.  International Women's Camp Management does reserve the right to close the Women's World Market at any time and though we understand that closing and re-opening can be inconvenient, at times this is necessary to support our camp program as well as the World Market. It is not mandatory that you sell during all hours of operation.