Boys and girls ages of 4 to 12 must be enrolled in the Khalsa Youth Camp, which is located 5 minutes away on the grounds of Guru Ram Das Puri.  There is Youth housing for Khalsa Youth Camp, but they may camp at night with their mothers, if desired. Children over 12 years old may apply to Khalsa Youth Camp to be teen guides.

Khalsa Youth Camp starts two days after Women's Camp begins. As such, IWC will offer a children's program for the first two days of Women's Camp.  Mothers are welcome to bring their children to Women's Camp when they register on Monday, June 29th. Please make sure you have space in your tent and bedding for your children as Women's Camp does not have housing available.

The environment of Ram Das Puri can be very challenging for small children and their mothers.   We welcome mothers bringing their little ones, however, we do not provide formal childcare.

If you register one or more children for KYC and you are a paying attendee of Women's Camp, you will receive 10% off the total for your children's registration.