Parent Karma Yoga

Parent Solstice Youth Camp Co-op meetings (meeting location chart will be available in the Registration Area):

  • 9:15 -  Thursday, December 17th  &  Friday, December 18th

  • Activities  including clown, art, and music will be provided for the younger children during the meeting and teens may go to the lake.

  • SYCC Parent Meetings are obligatory. The other karma yoga groups meet during this time so there are no programs so you won't be missing anything.

  • SYCC Parent Meetings Include:                   

    1. Opportunities to co-op with other parents on the days that SYCC is not offered.
    2. Building support systems with other parents and the SYCC Service Exchanges.
    3. Learning your responsibilities as guides on the day you serve and other directives and information that will support your children's experience at the event.
    4. Meditating with other parents

Parent Karma Yoga: