Choose your Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is mandatory for all Solstice participants. You will sign up for Karma Yoga when you register. Your seva is deeply appreciated by all and is a powerful part of the Winter Solstice experience.

Karma Yoga Opportunities Include:


Our mission is to help all camp participants get all of the information they need.  During meals we make announcements, people naturally come up to the person on the microphone when they are lost, looking for something, or need some kind of help.  The Announcing Karma Yogis will be the link between that need and the person.


Outdoor Dishwashing

 We keep the outdoor dish washing stations for personal dishes clean, warm, and sudsy.


Green Team

Manage landfill bin removal as well as recycling and composting efforts.


General maintenance, soap and hand sanitizer team, restocking toilet paper, bathroom cleaning, etc.



Support participants and provide assistance, to promote an enjoyable solstice experience. This team requires former Solstice experience, mandatory morning meetings and longer shifts than most karma yoga teams. To apply for the hospitality team click here.



  • Veggie Washers: Scrub-a-dub-dubbing the veggies prior to chopping. We love the Earth, too, but we can only eat so much.
  • Veggie Choppers: Aaaah, the joy of making bite-size portions for the ease of edibility and digestion.
  • Bean and Rice Brigade (Dinner Team): Tend the beans and rice to perfect completion. Sort and rinse rice, then follow the recipe to add veggies and spices. Set up and cook carrots and beets.
  • Dinner Prep and  Soup Starters: Come to the kitchen 1½ hours before dinner is served and transfer the food from pots to buckets and wash enough pots to get the soup started early. Cook the soup until the veggies are soft, then turn the soups off for what is left of a good night’s sleep. This may take place during the last exercise on White Tantric Yoga® days.
  • Tabouli Titans (Lunch Team): On non-Tantric days, make our delicious lunch. Work on the langar and special meals and help out in any other area on Tantric days.
  • Outside Dish Washing: Setting up and tearing down the outdoor washing station for campers.
  • Kitchen Clean Up: Keep the kitchen as clean as possible all the time, and help wash dishes. Make a schedule to work throughout the day.


Help welcome new arrivals to Winter Solstice, unload their luggage, pick a tenting spot, and take their luggage in the shuttle to each camping site.

Media Team

The Media team’s commitment is to provide inspirational, uplifting, quality photography and video to 3HO Foundation and the Global Community. This team is by invitation only, but you can submit your photo/video/graphic design work for consideration to [email protected]

Sound Crew

Aid in monitoring the sound equipment for classes and programs. Experienced audio tech crew needed.

Tent Set-up

 Assist people who need help in setting up their tents


Help to educate people about their Karma Yoga participation during registration, and round up the camp for their Karma Yoga meetings each morning.

Meal Serving

Serving breakfast, lunch or dinner daily. Includes helping with meal set-up and tear-down.



Various security duties, including monitoring the safety and policies of the camp.

Tantric Burgers

Preparing special vegetarian burgers in the early morning for lunches on the three White Tantric Yoga® days.

Yogi Tea and Golden Milk

Prep and serve Yogi Tea daily and Golden Milk during the Tantric days.

Solstice Youth Co-op

 If you are a parent or guardian, your Karma Yoga will be to serve one Tantric day and 1/2  of a Non-Tantric Day in the area your child is participating in during the six days of SYC.

  • Baby Camp (0-2)
  • Toddler Camp (3 & 4)
  • Children’s Camp (5-7)
  • Youth Camp (8-11)
  • Teen Camp (12-17)