Karma Yoga


Karma Yoga is the act of exalting ordinary work into an experience of the Divine. Karma Yoga is an essential part of Solstice, as we each contribute through service and create our shared Solstice experience.


Seva at Solstice: Karma Yoga and Service Exchanges

 A Story by Yogi Bhajan:
“I’d like to share something very personal with you. I used to wash the floors of Harimandir (Golden Temple in India). I was known as Yogi Baba, and a lot of people used to meditate on me. When they saw me washing those floors, they used to freak out. They asked me, ‘Why are you doing so?’ I asked them, ‘Why do you think I’m doing it?’ They said, ‘We don’t understand it at all. Why do you need this?’ I said, ‘I may have reached God consciousness long ago through meditation, but I have not reached it yet through seva.’ Seva means doing a service of no return. That is how the grace gets multiplied—when you are not seeking any return.”

Seva is a service you do without any hope or thought of reward. There are 22 forms of Yoga, and Karma Yoga is one of these paths. Kundalini Yoga is a Raj Yoga—“It is a royal command and rulership of yogic virtue and values. Guru Ram Das sits on that throne.” The technique of Kundalini Yoga makes very strong, powerful and penetrating yogis. The practice of Karma Yoga as a Kundalini Yogi develops grace and humility so that we can be both royal and serviceful, just like Guru Ram Das.

Karma Yoga is a main part of the Solstice experience, just as much as the practice of Morning Sadhana or White Tantric Yoga®. Yogi Bhajan specifically made this an integral part of the Solstice experience, requiring everyone who is physically able to serve.

Everyone you meet here serves as either Full-time staff, Service Exchange yogis who work 4-6 hours/day, or Karma Yogis who work 2 hours/day. Camp runs on the combined effort of all the people here. This is your camp—the solstice camp is fully managed and staffed by you.

There are Karma Yoga meetings every morning in each Service area of camp. These include all the Karma Yogis and Service Exchange yogis in that area. Please go to them!! Not only are they fun and informative, but you will do the daily camp meditation together and get to check-in on a personal level about your solstice experience.

“Sometimes when people are asked to do seva in the ashram—to do cleaning, for example—they ask why. Kundalini Yoga is Kundalini Yoga. Karma Yoga is Karma Yoga. Karma Yoga is equally competent to take you to God.” -Yogi Bhajan

From chopping vegetables to preparing the grounds to setting up the Gurdwara, your participation sets the intention and energy of manifesting a joyous and fulfilling Solstice for all through serving the Global Community. The energy of giving elevates our consciousness as we embrace the Aquarian spirit side by side with our brothers and sisters.

Parents Your Karma Yoga will be participating in the Solstice Youth Camp Co-op.

Karma Yoga Meetings
Karma Yoga meetings are 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. every day of camp, except for on White Tantric Days (meeting location chart will be available in the Registration Trailer.) Karma Yoga Meetings are obligatory in order to keep the camp running smoothly. There are no classes during this time so you won't miss anything. Meet new friends, connect in mutual support, practice the Ether Tattva meditation, and experience the depth of what Yogi Bhajan called the highest form of spiritual practice—Karma Yoga.

More opportunities to serve can be found on our Service Exchange page.