Why Attend Winter Solstice? Responses from 2011 Event Attendees


Personal transformation, growing my practice, service to the community

To connect with "family" and to relax and renew:)

It is my destiny to be there. It is my time to connect sincerely with my soul in an immersed setting within the community. I always connect with amazing people and feel comfortable at Solstice simply being myself.

I love coming home to my spirit family and feeling the love and support of the global community of Kundalini yogis coming together as one. Waheguru!

It works!

To do service and grow spiritually

Because my teacher told us to

Winner of Sat Nam Fest (East) raffle. And absolutely crazy about Kundalini now.

Love the coziness of it (esp after European Yoga Festival which, while wonderful, is huge by contrast) -it feels like a family reunion. Mostly to do Tantric though.

Community, renewal, growth

Recharge spiritual batteries. see old friends. enjoy the weather. build my childrens' "solstice habits"

I have attended 7 Summer Solstices but this was my first Winter Solstice experience. It was a most comforting inspiring and fun event. I am deeply grateful. Sat Naam

To connect to my soul and mother earth.

Healing. To love myself and others more.s

Spiritual recharge

For transformation for myself and my family and to connect with like minded people

Love it

Everything listed above. It is especially god to connect with others on the same yogic and spiritual path to learn and share with each other.

I was in Florida at the time.

Especially for the White Tantric Yoga.

Sangat, pangat and White Tantric Yoga-It is a great Spirit Fest.

Tantric, Sadhana, workshops, friends, food, teachers, fun.

I heard great things and wanted to experience it for myself.

Spiritual renewal

Loved summer solstice

For personal growth and service, enjoyment and work

Fell in love with Kundalini yoga and wanted to experience more God.

I always do, to see old friends and to make new ones :) and for Tantric too :)

Spiritual growth, self cleaning

To deepen the awareness of who I am in the midst of commercialized and busy time of the year that I'm not inclined to support. To replace white snow with the white clothes and be surrounded with lots of light of all the elevated beings in the camp.



2 reasons: 1. My friend was going and invited me. 2. I've taken a few kundalini classes before and experienced some...you know.... :)

Spiritual companionship

White tantric and workshops, to come together with others in spirit of growth and oneness

To connect with community and personal transformation.

To readjust myself in spiritual life and community, to see old friends, to participate in white tantric yoga and other activities

Energetic highlight of my winter. I attended even with a 4 week old baby at home.

In order to stay connected with the community, to recharge, and regroup, grow, share, learn!

For balance, to be w nature, cleanse my soul, feel connected

Personal Transformation in a special time of the year - Solstice!

For the Solstice Experience and Tantric

To see people smiling, performing sewa from heart, chanting name of god from mind and soul

Am a teacher and figure it's the biggest assist to this- I thought it was to also make more KY friends - but it isnt so easy in the winter - its is a more inward time.

I came to this last one because a very good friend told me I needed to have this experance. Plus I'm in teacher training and was required to.

I attend Winter Solstice because it is the best place to be to gain clarity and energy for the coming year and because I love being with the spiritual community.

To gain spiritual experience

My daughter wanted to attend for her birthday

To connect with the teachings. To check in with myself. To kick my own butt

To serve and share. Connect with the Guru, sangat and to teach.