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Winter Solstice Testimonials

Summer Solstice gives me a pause halfway through the year, on the longest, brightest days, to refresh and energize myself. Winter Solstice gives me a break between the old year and the new one, on the shortest, darkest days, to reflect over the past, assess myself and set my direction for the future. The one environment is high, hot and dry, the other low, cool and moist. The same nourishing, healing and transforming program happens at both, and I live from one to the next.”

“Gathering with people from all over the world that share this yogic lifestyle is one of the greatest blessings in my life.”

“This year was my third Winter Solstice, and it is always an amazing and enriching experience. I know that it supports me in moving toward a more fulfilling career and life of service, and I always make very special new friends and connections.”

“Anything I can think to say pales so much in comparison to how this experience felt; it has to be felt. The comprehensive environment was saturated with beauty on myriad levels. I just don't know how to put it into words...there was perfection here, truly.”

“Winter 2010 was my first ever Solstice celebration. I will not miss another! I felt totally at home and loved. Every set of eyes smiled at me and welcomed me. I had more fun than I had ever had in my life.”

“I love going to both Summer and Winter Solstices. I always feel like coming home whenever I am either in NM or Lake Wales. It is part of my vacation, a treat that I give myself to recharge my emotional and spiritual battery.”

“Solstice is my semi-annual Sadhana of clearing my consciousness and staying in touch and serving my Dharmic community at large.”

“I had an incredible time at Winter Solstice. The mystery of such a communal activity was blown open and what was revealed was true bliss. As a member of the security exchange team, I found my talents put to good use. I will place attendance at the solstices at the top of my list of priorities from now on.”

“How perfect that Winter Solstice takes place at a converted children's summer camp. I felt as if I had been given the charge to heal my "inner-child" in a safe and loving environment. Though I love Summer Solstice as well, Winter is cozy and homey and more personal. I met a lot of new people and was grateful to spend quality time with old friends.”

“There is a certain coziness about Winter Solstice that is similar to coming home. There is so much to experience: connecting with other yogis around the world, taking classes, doing White Tantric Yoga, live sadhana music, great food, and sunshine!”