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Use Fear for Intuition - Not for Inaction or Reaction

By GuruMeher Singh

We feel Fear in a crisis because we want to be safe; we desire to live. Between any threat to your well-being and your desire for happiness stands your very own early warning system. Fear is intended to sense danger before it strikes. Your animal instincts give you the ability to either fight or take flight. That’s what you need in an immediate emergency. Your mind adds versatility, flexibility, and the ability to extend your sense of security into time—namely, the future.

Safety is an immediate condition; security is a reasonable expectation that safety will continue. As fragile beings, we love that feeling—cozy, comfortable, taken care of—and this is all that your faithful Fear is after. As you’ve probably experienced, Fear can be relentless until you are safe, that is.

A more sophisticated response to Fear than stress is intuition. Intuition isn’t some great mystery. It’s something we all share: the simple capacity to notice, pay attention, focus, and get more information. Alertness and intuitive knowing come first; Fear then supplies the energy to act on that knowledge and to handle the situation until the danger passes.

Intuition is your personal radar to detect harm headed your way. It steers you away from injury to body, mind, heart, or soul, and it offers real solutions. Every species has built-in defenses—camouflage, a shell, speed, horns, or claws—to confront danger or avoid being hurt. But not you.

You have only your self-sensory system: the ability to foresee and “sense” oncoming danger. It may come as a voice in the back of your head, as a tingly or queasy sensation, or as a nagging sort of push toward or away from something. The problem comes when we push those uncomfortable feelings down. Rather, we must listen and work with our fears so they can guide us to safety. 

Just as understanding that emotions are Senses of the Soul changes the game by elevating what you expect from them, reframing Fear as Intuition will improve your ability to work with it consciously to do what you can to get out of harm's way and take care of yourself. Relief from fear doesn't require that you are forever beyond harm, just that you are doing all that you can to be safe. When it nags you, ask what you can do, and do that!

Pay close attention to the information always available from your internal security guard and act according to that infallible wisdom—that is, use your Intuition to attain peace and security

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GuruMeher Singh Khalsa is a professional Life Coach and Kundalini Teacher Trainer. His Kundalini-based work on using heavy emotions for inner guidance is in the KRI approved book Senses of the Soul at www.SensesOfTheSoul.comIn addition to his book, GuruMeher is a certified yoga therapist who offers private sessions by phone in support of your emotional wellbeing. A fully mentored 9-month training in the Senses of the Soul system begins each February online.