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Use Anxiety and Fear to Fuel Intuition

By GuruMeher Singh

Between all the real threats to your well-being and your desire for happiness stands Fear—your very own early warning system. Fear is intended to sense danger before it strikes.

Your animal instincts give you the ability to either fight or take flight. That’s what you need in an immediate emergency. Your mind adds versatility, flexibility, and the ability to extend your sense of security into time—namely, the future.

Safety is an immediate condition; security is a reasonable expectation that safety will continue. As fragile beings, we love that feeling—cozy, comfortable, taken care of—and this is all that your faithful Fear is after. As you’ve probably experienced, Fear can be relentless—until you are safe, that is.

A more sophisticated response to Fear than stress is intuition. Intuition isn’t some great mystery; it’s something we all share: the simple capacity to notice, pay attention, focus, and get more information. Alertness and intuitive knowing come first; Fear then supplies the energy to act on that knowledge and to handle the situation until the danger passes.

Intuition is your personal radar to detect harm headed your way. It steers you away from injury to body, mind, heart, or soul, and it offers real solutions. Every species has built-in defenses—camouflage, a shell, speed, horns, or claws—to confront danger or avoid being hurt. But not you.

You have only your self-sensory system: the ability to foresee and “sense” oncoming danger. It may come as a voice in the back of your head, as a tingly or queasy sensation, or as a nagging sort of push toward or away from something.

In my capacity as a counselor, I have assisted hundreds of people dealing with situations in which they “don’t know what to do,” to see and prevent oncoming harm. Every time, we find that they did hear that voice of warning inside; they just didn’t listen.

Fear is the emotion of the Negative Mind. It intends to protect. You always know what to do, but you may not have learned to work with, trust and act on those nagging anxious thoughts and feelings.

Understanding that emotions are your senses of the soul changes the game by elevating what you expect from them. Reframing Fear as a source of Intuition will improve your ability to work with it consciously to resolve anxiety at its source.

How? Get to the neutral mind—as much as possible if you are stressed. Observe your anxious thoughts with clarity and ask, “What is threatening my peace?” Anxious thoughts are attempting to alert you. Then ask your neutral mind, “What do I need to return to peace?” When you are clear, you will hear the voice of the soul with solutions. You were built to know and do what best takes care of you.

Adapted from Senses of the Soul by GuruMeher Khalsa, Kundalini Research Institute 2013.

GuruMeher Singh is the author of Senses of the Soul, Emotional Therapy and is currently working on his second book, Emotional Liberation: Life Beyond Triggers and Trauma.