Summer Solstice 2024 — Are you ready for transformation?

Ram Das Puri, the spiritual home for many yogis nestled in the high desert mountains of New Mexico. This article unfolds the beautiful history of this sacred land, revealing its significant role as a profound destination to impart valuable lessons on living a healthy, happy, and holy life in alignment with our true authentic selves.

Sunrise Chanting at Summer Solstice

It was only in the morning as we sat chanting with over a thousand yogis with the sun rising above us that I did not want anything anymore…I was totally and completely satisfied.

I Found My Family at Summer Solstice

In New Mexico, where Summer Solstice is held in June, I became enamored with it all. The rituals of sadhana, seva and Gurdwara united me in the flow of fellowship and love of prayer.  I had found my family.