Yogic Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Despite the efforts of the $70 billion sleep-aid industry, many exhausted people are still searching for ways to get the sleep they need. Unfortunately, sleeping pills are the dominant treatment strategy for insomnia. Sleeping pills don’t work for everyone, have side effects and do not address the underlying stress that is keeping you awake.

What Are We Truly Reaching For in the Information Age?

Our phones have become a second brain for many of us. In the information age we live in, it is crucial to develop a relationship with our inner technology, this inner knowing, in order to be our true selves in both reality and digitally. What we crave is the feeling of belonging and connectedness. Our phones and other devices are created to take away our attention. Kundalini Yoga can be a teacher to ask the more profound questions of what we are reaching for when we reach for our phones.