Numerology for December 2022: A Restorative Time-Out

Here we are, still standing at the end of an extraordinary year, and it is essential now to turn the lamplight down low. Rest, relaxation and pleasant festivities are all a part of the cure for what has been a rough n’ tumble time on planet Earth.

Numerology for July 2022: Rest and Restore

The year so far has been experienced as a near constant stream of overwhelm, and by virtue of human design we need to create a balance of ease and flow within ourselves.

Numerology for June 2022: Strengthen Your Arc Line

The month of June awakens an inspired vision for the future and the opportunity to find our co-creative Soul mates – those people with whom you immediately feel a sense of synchronicity and the ability to develop a plan that will allow for a secure and protected path forward.

Numerology for May 2022: Feeling Free and Fluid Again

The month of May 2022 is a unique season of time that encourages us to move forward with a bold new attitude. The paradigm has shifted, and there is now a greater ability to make plans, set them in motion, and actualize them.

Numerology for April 2022: Clear the Heart Center

The month of April is one of the most pivotal months of 2022, as it is a rare season of time which grants us the opportunity to release generational karmic blocks and patterns that may have previously seemed immoveable.

Yogic Numerology

Yogic Numerology, a system of self-understanding based on the date we were born, has roots in yogic and tantric teachings. A functional adjunct to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Yogic Numerology provides insight based on the time and date of birth as to which aspects of the self may be already strong, or in need of strengthening. It is also known as Tantric or Akara Numerology.