Numerology for September 2023: Mastery Over Mystery

The month of September brings a time of clarity and focus to our lives, along with the hidden gift of transformation. This gift is available to us, only if we are able to see past the veil of mystery—into the mastery of number 9 in the positive polarity.

Numerology for August 2023: Synchronize Your Psyche

The month of August is a time when we are renegotiating our sense of personal power in relation to the world at large. Number 8 represents power, and we are now becoming more keenly aware of what is consuming our energy, and if it’s a good deal or not.

Numerology for June 2023: Time to Clarify

Visioning your life now as a creative, joyful, and emotionally fulfilled human being is a strong power point for change and evolution. It all begins somewhere, and that somewhere is You in your divine essence, moving forward as a beacon of light.

Numerology for May 2023: Balance & Stability

The month of May brings a time of powerful change to planet Earth, and we need to have our physical body and mental energies tuned up in order to catch the opportunities inherent in the higher frequencies. Surf’s up, so let’s look at ways to maximize the benefits of this fortuitous season of time.

Numerology for April 2023: Focus Yourself

It is important now to realistically assess how much you are capable of in a day or week, and then weed out any unnecessary burdens or obligations. Separating the wheat from the chaff is essential to our lives becoming more fluid and functional.

Numerology Forecast for February 2023: Look Before You Leap

The month of February 2023 is a time of discernment and decisiveness in our decision-making process. We will find ourselves feeling polarized by the intensity of vacillating emotions while standing on the precipice of all that is new and exciting.

Numerology Forecast for 2023 and the Month of January

As a humanity, we have now departed from one of the most challenging years in recent history. We now have a stronger resolve and awareness of how to protect ourselves, as well as how to determine who is truly for or against us. Your new superpower is an Arc Line (halo) that reads, “Don’t tread on me, I am born to be free!”

Numerology for December 2022: A Restorative Time-Out

Here we are, still standing at the end of an extraordinary year, and it is essential now to turn the lamplight down low. Rest, relaxation and pleasant festivities are all a part of the cure for what has been a rough n’ tumble time on planet Earth.