The Role of Emotions in Personal Growth: Moving Beyond Discomfort

Dive into the transformative journey of emotions and personal growth in ‘The Role of Emotions in Personal Growth: Moving Beyond Discomfort.’ Explore how meditation can turn emotions into tools for self-discovery. Learn to cultivate patience, embrace discomfort, and unleash creativity through Kundalini Yoga. Join Puranpreet Kaur on a 21-stage journey to your best self.

Kundalini Yoga’s Greatest Hits

If you start doing Kundalini Yoga, on your own or in a class or community space, sooner or later — probably sooner — you are going to encounter these 10 core practices of Kundalini Yoga.


Nowadays, we are often not great at listening or paying attention. Even when we try our best, it’s easy to become distracted by personal intent, emotion, or disposition. Conscious listening is the act of being fully present during a communication exchange between oneself and another.

Kundalini Yoga & Recreational Drugs

Confronted with stress, fatigue, burnout, and information overload, many people turn to recreational drugs to escape the pressure of the times. Kundalini Yoga offers an alternate path.

Wearing White

It is common to see Kundalini Yoga teachers and practitioners wearing white, loose fitting clothing, ideally of natural fibers. But in a Western yoga world of spandex and leggings, why is this?