The Pranic Body

Prana is life energy itself – the life force of your physical body. Prana speaks to us – it tells us when we need to breathe, and when to let the breath go.

Long Deep Breathing

Long deep breathing is one of the most important foundational tools within the technology of Kundalini Yoga. This seemingly simple exercise promotes benefits across the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. Long deep breathing is often the first exercise taught to new students of Kundalini Yoga since it is such a fundamental component of yogic science.

Celestial Communication for Deep Relaxation

Celestial Communication is movement with the upper body only, affecting the heart, upper chakras and the aura. It combines the Heart Center, the flourishing emotions, and a variety of movements to transform your experience of your Self.

The Ways We Seek Wholeness

However we choose to manage our pain, there is healing to do. It is the human condition. This work is, in fact, something we all have in common. We all seek it: a way to become whole.

5 Ways to Drop Insecurity

In the Aquarian Age you must know the truth that you have everything you need, already inside you. It is your birthright to live free from fear, doubt and worry.

Emotions are the Fuel that Shatter Your Heart Open

In our evolutionary process into the Aquarian Age, we are moving from navigating our life through the mind and intellect to that of the Soul. We are learning to cultivate an intimate relationship with our Soul, and the Soul communicates through our emotions.

Emotional Balance 2.0

When you feel bad, doing Kundalini Yoga makes you feel better. Stressed and upset? Do a strong set and you can become calm and peaceful. There are many kriyas and meditations specifically for emotional balance, to get rid of fear and anger, and to release negative thoughts. It is not unusual in class to cry spontaneously and then leave feeling good.