Celestial Communication for Deep Relaxation

Celestial Communication is movement with the upper body only, affecting the heart, upper chakras and the aura. It combines the Heart Center, the flourishing emotions, and a variety of movements to transform your experience of your Self.

Venus Kriyas

Venus Kriyas are tools to blend the polarity energies for spiritual growth. The focus remains at the heart, from which one projects love, caring, and a prayer for the highest good. 


Nowadays, we are often not great at listening or paying attention. Even when we try our best, it’s easy to become distracted by personal intent, emotion, or disposition. Conscious listening is the act of being fully present during a communication exchange between oneself and another.

Gratitude—A Celebration of Life

It is more important now than ever to send out gratitude—even to your losses, for they are now the story of your beautiful unfoldment in Spirit. 

Focus on Giving

Let go of the ego and step into service. We can make a difference every day by acting from a place of authenticity and selflessness.

5 Ways to Embody the Warrior Saint

Now is the time to cultivate the discipline, skills, and heart of a Warrior Saint. Why a Warrior Saint? This ancient archetype is one that exemplifies qualities that can help us to emerge from this time triumphant.