Names and Pronunciations

Please keep the following in mind as you integrate your spiritual name into your life:

  • It is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Pronunciation is paramount!
    • Listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Pronounce it slowly, and let it resonate within you.
    • If you find that your name does not appear as a sound byte, please contact us.
  • There may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani (the sacred language of the Sikhs), there is not a direct transliteration from its alphabet to the English alphabet. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your name, but remember the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.
  • Note that most of these spiritual names are non-gender specific, differentiated by using either Singh (male) or Kaur (female).
  • Yogi Bhajan said that using your spiritual name in its entirety is the best way to get the most benefit from it.


PadmaniListen to Padmani
Padmani AmritListen to Padmani Amrit
Padmani AmritaListen to Padmani Amrita
Padmani ChandListen to Padmani Chand
Padmani DassListen to Padmani Dass
Padmani DhyanListen to Padmani Dhyan
Padmani NihalListen to Padmani Nihal
Padmani RamaListen to Padmani Rama
Padmani TaraListen to Padmani Tara
PalwanListen to Palwan
Panch NishanListen to Panch Nishan
ParamListen to Param
Param AdiListen to Param Adi
Param AnandListen to Param Anand
Param AtmaListen to Param Atma
Param AvtarListen to Param Avtar
Param BhagtiListen to Param Bhagti
ParambirListen to Parambir
Param DayaListen to Param Daya
Param DayalListen to Param Dayal
ParamdeepListen to Paramdeep
ParamdevListen to Paramdev
ParamdhanListen to Paramdhan
ParamdhirListen to Paramdhir
ParamgeetListen to Paramgeet
Param GianListen to Param Gian
ParamgunListen to Paramgun
ParamhansListen to Paramhans
Param InderListen to Param Inder
Param JagatListen to Param Jagat
ParamjeetListen to Paramjeet
Param JiwanListen to Param Jiwan
ParamjogListen to Paramjog
ParamjotListen to Paramjot
Param KamalListen to Param Kamal
Param KirpalListen to Param Kirpal
Param KrishanListen to Param Krishan
ParamleenListen to Paramleen
Param MeherListen to Param Meher
Param NamListen to Param Nam
ParamnekListen to Paramnek
Param NirmalListen to Param Nirmal
ParampalListen to Parampal
Param PrakashListen to Param Prakash
ParampreetListen to Parampreet
Param PremListen to Param Prem
ParampurkhListen to Parampurkh
ParamrasListen to Paramras
Param RatanListen to Param Ratan
ParamroopListen to Paramroop
Param SahejListen to Param Sahej
Param SangatListen to Param Sangat
ParamshantListen to Paramshant
Param ShantiListen to Param Shanti
Param SimranListen to Param Simran
Param SimritListen to Param Simrit
ParamsukhListen to Paramsukh
ParamtekListen to Paramtek
Param TeraListen to Param Tera
Param TerathListen to Param Terath
Param UttamListen to Param Uttam
PargatListen to Pargat
PargatjeetListen to Pargatjeet
Pargat NamListen to Pargat Nam
PargatpreetListen to Pargatpreet
ParmeetListen to Parmeet
PartapListen to Partap
PartapbirListen to Partapbir
Partap ChandListen to Partap Chand
Partap CharanListen to Partap Charan
PartapdevListen to Partapdev
Partap RamListen to Partap Ram
Partap SangatListen to Partap Sangat
Partap ShantiListen to Partap Shanti
Partap SimratListen to Partap Simrat
ParvanListen to Parvan
Parvan DeviListen to Parvan Devi
PatvinderListen to Patvinder
PatwantListen to Patwant
PatwantjotiListen to Patwantjoti
PavanListen to Pavan
Pavan AmritaListen to Pavan Amrita
Pavan AnandListen to Pavan Anand
Pavan BeantListen to Pavan Beant
PavanbirListen to Pavanbir
PavandeepListen to Pavandeep
PavandevListen to Pavandev
Pavan GianListen to Pavan Gian
Pavan GopalListen to Pavan Gopal
PavanjeetListen to Pavanjeet
PavanjotListen to Pavanjot
Pavan NamListen to Pavan Nam
PavanpreetListen to Pavanpreet
Pavan PritiListen to Pavan Priti
Pavan RamListen to Pavan Ram
Pavan RaviListen to Pavan Ravi
Pavan SangeetaListen to Pavan Sangeeta
Pavan ShivaListen to Pavan Shiva
Pavan SimritListen to Pavan Simrit
Pavan SiriListen to Pavan Siri
PaviterListen to Paviter
PaviterpalListen to Paviterpal
PiaraListen to Piara
Piara AdiListen to Piara Adi
Piara DevListen to Piara Dev
Piara PremListen to Piara Prem
Piara RajListen to Piara Raj
PiardeepListen to Piardeep
PiardevListen to Piardev
PiarjeetListen to Piarjeet
PiarjotListen to Piarjot
PrabbhukiretListen to Prabbhukiret
PrabhuListen to Prabhu
Prabhu AmritListen to Prabhu Amrit
Prabhu AnandListen to Prabhu Anand
Prabhu AtmaListen to Prabhu Atma
Prabhu BaniListen to Prabhu Bani
PrabhubirListen to Prabhubir
PrabhubodhListen to Prabhubodh
Prabhu ChanderListen to Prabhu Chander
Prabhu CharanListen to Prabhu Charan
PrabhudassListen to Prabhudass
PrabhudayaListen to Prabhudaya
PrabhudeepListen to Prabhudeep
Prabhu DevaListen to Prabhu Deva
PrabhudhanListen to Prabhudhan
Prabhu DharamListen to Prabhu Dharam
Prabhu DhyanListen to Prabhu Dhyan
PrabhudyalListen to Prabhudyal
PrabhugunListen to Prabhugun
Prabhu JaapListen to Prabhu Jaap
PrabhujeetListen to Prabhujeet
Prabhu JiwanListen to Prabhu Jiwan
PrabhujiwanListen to Prabhujiwan
PrabhujodhListen to Prabhujodh
PrabhujogListen to Prabhujog
PrabhujotListen to Prabhujot
Prabhu KamalListen to Prabhu Kamal
Prabhu KiranListen to Prabhu Kiran
Prabhu KiretListen to Prabhu Kiret
Prabhu KirpalListen to Prabhu Kirpal
Prabhu KirtanListen to Prabhu Kirtan
PrabhuleenListen to Prabhuleen
PrabhumeetListen to Prabhumeet
PrabhunamListen to Prabhunam
Prabhu NamListen to Prabhu Nam
Prabhu NirmalListen to Prabhu Nirmal
PrabhupalListen to Prabhupal
Prabhu PartapListen to Prabhu Partap
Prabhu ParvanListen to Prabhu Parvan
Prabhu PrakashListen to Prabhu Prakash
PrabhupreetListen to Prabhupreet
PrabhurasListen to Prabhuras
Prabhu SahejListen to Prabhu Sahej
Prabhu SangatListen to Prabhu Sangat
PrabhusaranListen to Prabhusaran
Prabhu SaroopListen to Prabhu Saroop
Prabhu SevakListen to Prabhu Sevak
Prabhu SimranListen to Prabhu Simran
PrabhusukhListen to Prabhusukh
Prabhu UttamListen to Prabhu Uttam
Prabhu VedyaListen to Prabhu Vedya
PrakashListen to Prakash
Prakash AdiListen to Prakash Adi
Prakash BaniListen to Prakash Bani
PrakashbirListen to Prakashbir
PrakashjeetListen to Prakashjeet
PrakashjotListen to Prakashjot
Prakash JotiListen to Prakash Joti
Prakash NidhanListen to Prakash Nidhan
PrakashpalListen to Prakashpal
PrakashsukhListen to Prakashsukh
PratnaListen to Pratna
Pratna CharanListen to Pratna Charan
Pratna ShantiListen to Pratna Shanti
PreetListen to Preet
Preet AkalListen to Preet Akal
Preet AtmaListen to Preet Atma
Preet BhajanListen to Preet Bhajan
Preet DassListen to Preet Dass
PreetdevListen to Preetdev
Preet DeviListen to Preet Devi
Preet DevtaListen to Preet Devta
Preet HimatListen to Preet Himat
Preet NishanListen to Preet Nishan
Preet PuranListen to Preet Puran
Preet RadhaListen to Preet Radha
Preet RamaListen to Preet Rama
Preet SooryaListen to Preet Soorya
Preet VaranListen to Preet Varan
PremListen to Prem
Prem AdiListen to Prem Adi
Prem AkashaListen to Prem Akasha
Prem AmritListen to Prem Amrit
Prem BahadurListen to Prem Bahadur
Prem BhagatListen to Prem Bhagat
Prem CharanListen to Prem Charan
Prem DarshanListen to Prem Darshan
PremdeepListen to Premdeep
PremdevListen to Premdev
Prem GianListen to Prem Gian
Prem GopalListen to Prem Gopal
Prem InderListen to Prem Inder
PremjeevListen to Premjeev
Prem JiwanListen to Prem Jiwan
PremjotListen to Premjot
PremjotiListen to Premjoti
Prem KriyaListen to Prem Kriya
PremleenListen to Premleen
Prem MahanListen to Prem Mahan
Prem ManderListen to Prem Mander
Prem MandeviListen to Prem Mandevi
Prem ManetListen to Prem Manet
Prem MeetListen to Prem Meet
Prem MuktaListen to Prem Mukta
Prem NihalListen to Prem Nihal
PremrajListen to Premraj
Prem RandhirListen to Prem Randhir
PremrangListen to Premrang
PremroopListen to Premroop
Prem SangatListen to Prem Sangat
Prem SavitriListen to Prem Savitri
Prem SiriListen to Prem Siri
Prem SohanListen to Prem Sohan
PremsukhListen to Premsukh
Prem SundertaListen to Prem Sunderta
Prem TaraListen to Prem Tara
Prem TiagaListen to Prem Tiaga
Prem UttamListen to Prem Uttam
PritamListen to Pritam
Pritam AgiaListen to Pritam Agia
Pritam AnandaListen to Pritam Ananda
Pritam BhagotiListen to Pritam Bhagoti
PritambirListen to Pritambir
Pritam ChandraListen to Pritam Chandra
Pritam HariListen to Pritam Hari
PritamjotListen to Pritamjot
Pritam MantraListen to Pritam Mantra
Pritam NarayanListen to Pritam Narayan
Pritam NihalListen to Pritam Nihal
Pritam NishanListen to Pritam Nishan
PritampalListen to Pritampal
Pritam RadhaListen to Pritam Radha
Pritam RajListen to Pritam Raj
Pritam RamaListen to Pritam Rama
Pritam TejaListen to Pritam Teja
Pritam TeraListen to Pritam Tera
PritiListen to Priti
Priti ArjanListen to Priti Arjan
Priti CharanListen to Priti Charan
Priti DhyanListen to Priti Dhyan
Priti JiwanListen to Priti Jiwan
Priti JotListen to Priti Jot
Priti KevalListen to Priti Keval
Priti KrishanListen to Priti Krishan
PritipalListen to Pritipal
Priti SampuranListen to Priti Sampuran
Priti ShivaListen to Priti Shiva
PritpalListen to Pritpal
Pritpal AnandaListen to Pritpal Ananda
Pritpal AtmaListen to Pritpal Atma
Pritpal ChandraListen to Pritpal Chandra
Pritpal DarshanListen to Pritpal Darshan
Pritpal KaranListen to Pritpal Karan
Pritpal KirtiListen to Pritpal Kirti
PriyaListen to Priya
Priya AkalListen to Priya Akal
Priya AkashaListen to Priya Akasha
Priya AradhanaListen to Priya Aradhana
Priya AtmaListen to Priya Atma
Priya AvtarListen to Priya Avtar
Priya ChandListen to Priya Chand
Priya DeviListen to Priya Devi
Priya GobindListen to Priya Gobind
Priya JotListen to Priya Jot
Priya KalyanListen to Priya Kalyan
Priya LakshmiListen to Priya Lakshmi
Priya NihalListen to Priya Nihal
Priya NirbanListen to Priya Nirban
Priya QurbanListen to Priya Qurban
Priya SatyaListen to Priya Satya
Priya ShabadListen to Priya Shabad
Priya ShaktiListen to Priya Shakti
Priya VedyaListen to Priya Vedya
PuranListen to Puran
Puran AmarListen to Puran Amar
Puran AmritListen to Puran Amrit
Puran AngadListen to Puran Angad
PuranbirListen to Puranbir
Puran DassListen to Puran Dass
PurandevListen to Purandev
Puran GianListen to Puran Gian
PuranjeetListen to Puranjeet
PuranjotListen to Puranjot
PuranjotiListen to Puranjoti
Puran KirtiListen to Puran Kirti
PuranpreetListen to Puranpreet
PuranpremListen to Puranprem
Puran SangatListen to Puran Sangat
Puran SeemaListen to Puran Seema
Puran SevakListen to Puran Sevak
Puran ShantListen to Puran Shant
Puran ShantiListen to Puran Shanti
PuransukhListen to Puransukh
PurantekListen to Purantek
Puran TeraListen to Puran Tera