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Names and Pronunciations

As you view the list of names, please understand that there may be more than one way to spell each one. This is because there is not a direct transliteration from the Gurmukhi* alphabet to the English alphabet. (Note: Most of these spiritual names are from the Gurbani** language.)
The emphasis of your spiritual name is on how it is pronounced, so it is important to use the correct naad (sound current), when speaking your name, and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your spiritual name, but remember, the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.

Please listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Start pronouncing your name slowly, feel it, and let it resonate within you.
Note that most of these spiritual names can be used by either a male or a female (Singh or Kaur), except as indicated.  The few names that can only be used for one gender or the other are indicated by having Singh or Kaur added to them in this list.

*Gurmukhi is the alphabet of the sacred language of the Sikhs
** Gurbani is the sacred language of the Sikhs

Abhai DeviListen to Abhai Devi
Abhai PrakashListen to Abhai Prakash
AbhaidevListen to Abhaidev
AbhaidevaListen to Abhaideva
AbhaideviListen to Abhaidevi
AbhaijeetListen to Abhaijeet
AbhaijotListen to Abhaijot
AbhaipalListen to Abhaipal
AbhaipreetListen to Abhaipreet
AbhairajListen to Abhairaj
Abinash DeepListen to Abinash Deep
Abinashi DevaListen to Abinashi Deva
Abinashi KirpalListen to Abinashi Kirpal
Abinashi MeherListen to Abinashi Meher
Abinashi PremListen to Abinashi Prem
Abinashi SimranListen to Abinashi Simran
Abnash MeherListen to Abnash Meher
AbnashdeepListen to Abnashdeep
AbnashdevaListen to Abnashdeva
AbnashdeviListen to Abnashdevi
AbnashdyalListen to Abnashdyal
AbnashiListen to Abnashi
Abnashi DevaListen to Abnashi Deva
Abnashi DyalListen to Abnashi Dyal
Abnashi KirpalListen to Abnashi Kirpal
Abnashi PreetListen to Abnashi Preet
AbnashjeetListen to Abnashjeet
AbnashjotListen to Abnashjot
AbnashpalListen to Abnashpal
AbnashpreetListen to Abnashpreet
Ad KirpalListen to Ad Kirpal
Ad KirtanListen to Ad Kirtan
Ad NishanListen to Ad Nishan
Ad PreetListen to Ad Preet
Ad PremListen to Ad Prem
Ad PurkhListen to Ad Purkh
Ad SachListen to Ad Sach
Ad ShaktiListen to Ad Shakti
Ad ShantiListen to Ad Shanti
AdarshListen to Adarsh
Adarsh PriyaListen to Adarsh Priya
AdarshdeepListen to Adarshdeep
AdarshpreetListen to Adarshpreet
AdeshListen to Adesh
Adesh AmritListen to Adesh Amrit
Adesh CharanListen to Adesh Charan
Adesh GianListen to Adesh Gian
Adesh JotiListen to Adesh Joti
Adesh KaramListen to Adesh Karam
Adesh KaranListen to Adesh Karan
Adesh KirinListen to Adesh Kirin
Adesh LakshmiListen to Adesh Lakshmi
Adesh NamListen to Adesh Nam
Adesh PavanListen to Adesh Pavan
Adesh PritamListen to Adesh Pritam
Adesh PriyaListen to Adesh Priya
Adesh PuranListen to Adesh Puran
Adesh RajListen to Adesh Raj
Adesh RamListen to Adesh Ram
Adesh SangatListen to Adesh Sangat
Adesh SangeetListen to Adesh Sangeet
Adesh SevaListen to Adesh Seva
Adesh SimranListen to Adesh Simran
Adesh SimratListen to Adesh Simrat
Adesh SiriListen to Adesh Siri
AdeshjeetListen to Adeshjeet
AdeshjotiListen to Adeshjoti
AdeshpalListen to Adeshpal
AdeshpreetListen to Adeshpreet
AdiListen to Adi
Adi AdeshListen to Adi Adesh
Adi AjeetListen to Adi Ajeet
Adi BeantListen to Adi Beant
Adi ChananListen to Adi Chanan
Adi ChandListen to Adi Chand
Adi ChandraListen to Adi Chandra
Adi CharanListen to Adi Charan
Adi DarshanListen to Adi Darshan
Adi DassListen to Adi Dass
Adi DharamListen to Adi Dharam
Adi GobindListen to Adi Gobind
Adi GopalListen to Adi Gopal
Adi JotListen to Adi Jot
Adi KamalListen to Adi Kamal
Adi KaramListen to Adi Karam
Adi KaranListen to Adi Karan
Adi KevalListen to Adi Keval
Adi KiranListen to Adi Kiran
Adi KiretListen to Adi Kiret
Adi KirpalListen to Adi Kirpal
Adi KirtanListen to Adi Kirtan
Adi MantraListen to Adi Mantra
Adi MeherListen to Adi Meher
Adi MiterListen to Adi Miter
Adi NamListen to Adi Nam
Adi NarayanListen to Adi Narayan
Adi NidhanListen to Adi Nidhan
Adi NirvairListen to Adi Nirvair
Adi PavanListen to Adi Pavan
Adi PreetListen to Adi Preet
Adi PritamListen to Adi Pritam
Adi PriyaListen to Adi Priya
Adi PuranListen to Adi Puran
Adi RamListen to Adi Ram
Adi SachListen to Adi Sach
Adi SangatListen to Adi Sangat
Adi SangeetListen to Adi Sangeet
Adi SangeetaListen to Adi Sangeeta
Adi SantokhListen to Adi Santokh
Adi SatyaListen to Adi Satya
Adi SevaListen to Adi Seva
Adi SevakListen to Adi Sevak
Adi ShaktiListen to Adi Shakti
Adi ShantListen to Adi Shant
Adi ShivaListen to Adi Shiva
Adi SimranListen to Adi Simran
Adi SimratListen to Adi Simrat
AgadhListen to Agadh
AgadhjeetListen to Agadhjeet
AgadhjotiListen to Agadhjoti
AgadhpalListen to Agadhpal
AgadhpritiListen to Agadhpriti
AgadhroopListen to Agadhroop
AgamListen to Agam
AgamjeetListen to Agamjeet
AgamjotListen to Agamjot
AgampreetListen to Agampreet
AgampremListen to Agamprem
Agia AjeetListen to Agia Ajeet
Agia AkalListen to Agia Akal
Agia AmritListen to Agia Amrit
Agia AtmaListen to Agia Atma
Agia BaniListen to Agia Bani
Agia DevListen to Agia Dev
Agia DevaListen to Agia Deva
Agia DeviListen to Agia Devi
Agia DyalListen to Agia Dyal
Agia HariListen to Agia Hari
Agia JeetListen to Agia Jeet
Agia MeherListen to Agia Meher
Agia NamListen to Agia Nam
Agia PritamListen to Agia Pritam
Agia PritiListen to Agia Priti
Agia PriyaListen to Agia Priya
Agia SimranListen to Agia Simran
AgiajeetListen to Agiajeet
AgiakarListen to Agiakar
AgiapalListen to Agiapal
AgiapreetListen to Agiapreet
AgocharListen to Agochar
AjaiListen to Ajai
Ajai DevaListen to Ajai Deva
Ajai DeviListen to Ajai Devi
Ajai DevtaListen to Ajai Devta
Ajai NidhanListen to Ajai Nidhan
Ajai PreetListen to Ajai Preet
Ajai PritamListen to Ajai Pritam
Ajai PriyaListen to Ajai Priya
Ajai PuranListen to Ajai Puran
Ajai RaviListen to Ajai Ravi
Ajai SimratListen to Ajai Simrat
AjaibListen to Ajaib
AjaideepListen to Ajaideep
AjaidevListen to Ajaidev
AjaidevaListen to Ajaideva
AjaideviListen to Ajaidevi
AjairoopListen to Ajairoop
AjeetListen to Ajeet
Ajeet AmritListen to Ajeet Amrit
Ajeet AmritaListen to Ajeet Amrita
Ajeet AtmaListen to Ajeet Atma
Ajeet BachanListen to Ajeet Bachan
Ajeet BaniListen to Ajeet Bani
Ajeet BhagatListen to Ajeet Bhagat
Ajeet BhagtiListen to Ajeet Bhagti
Ajeet BhajanListen to Ajeet Bhajan
Ajeet ChananListen to Ajeet Chanan
Ajeet DassListen to Ajeet Dass
Ajeet DevaListen to Ajeet Deva
Ajeet DharamListen to Ajeet Dharam
Ajeet GianListen to Ajeet Gian
Ajeet GopalListen to Ajeet Gopal
Ajeet HariListen to Ajeet Hari
Ajeet KalyanListen to Ajeet Kalyan
Ajeet KaramListen to Ajeet Karam
Ajeet KevalListen to Ajeet Keval
Ajeet KirtanListen to Ajeet Kirtan
Ajeet KrishanListen to Ajeet Krishan
Ajeet KrishnaListen to Ajeet Krishna
Ajeet MantraListen to Ajeet Mantra
Ajeet NamListen to Ajeet Nam
Ajeet NidhanListen to Ajeet Nidhan
Ajeet NishanListen to Ajeet Nishan
Ajeet ParamListen to Ajeet Param
Ajeet PavanListen to Ajeet Pavan
Ajeet PiaraListen to Ajeet Piara
Ajeet PriyaListen to Ajeet Priya
Ajeet PuranListen to Ajeet Puran
Ajeet RadhaListen to Ajeet Radha
Ajeet SimranListen to Ajeet Simran
AjeetbirListen to Ajeetbir
AjeetdevListen to Ajeetdev
AjeetpalListen to Ajeetpal
AjeetwantListen to Ajeetwant
AjinderpalListen to Ajinderpal
AjmerListen to Ajmer
AjooniListen to Ajooni
AkalListen to Akal
Akal BaniListen to Akal Bani
Akal BodhListen to Akal Bodh
Akal CharanListen to Akal Charan
Akal DarshanListen to Akal Darshan
Akal DayaListen to Akal Daya
Akal DevListen to Akal Dev
Akal DharamListen to Akal Dharam
Akal DyalListen to Akal Dyal
Akal HariListen to Akal Hari
Akal JiwanListen to Akal Jiwan
Akal JodhaListen to Akal Jodha
Akal KiretListen to Akal Kiret
Akal KirinListen to Akal Kirin
Akal LeenListen to Akal Leen
Akal MahanListen to Akal Mahan
Akal NidhanListen to Akal Nidhan
Akal NivasListen to Akal Nivas
Akal PrakashListen to Akal Prakash
Akal PremListen to Akal Prem
Akal RatanListen to Akal Ratan
Akal SahaiListen to Akal Sahai
Akal SangatListen to Akal Sangat
Akal SevaListen to Akal Seva
Akal SevakListen to Akal Sevak
Akal ShaktiListen to Akal Shakti
Akal TeraListen to Akal Tera
Akal VedyaListen to Akal Vedya
Akal VikramListen to Akal Vikram
AkalbirListen to Akalbir
AkaldeepListen to Akaldeep
AkaljeetListen to Akaljeet
AkaljogListen to Akaljog
AkaljotListen to Akaljot
AkalmeetListen to Akalmeet
AkalrangListen to Akalrang
AkalroopListen to Akalroop
AkalsaranListen to Akalsaran
Akand DeviListen to Akand Devi
AkandbirListen to Akandbir
AkandjeetListen to Akandjeet
AkandjotListen to Akandjot
AkandpalListen to Akandpal
AkandpreetListen to Akandpreet
AkandpremListen to Akandprem
AkandpriyaListen to Akandpriya
AkashaListen to Akasha
Akasha AdiListen to Akasha Adi
Akasha DayalListen to Akasha Dayal
Akasha DevListen to Akasha Dev
Akasha DeviListen to Akasha Devi
Akasha DyalListen to Akasha Dyal
Akasha JotListen to Akasha Jot
Akasha JotiListen to Akasha Joti
Akasha KirpalListen to Akasha Kirpal
Akasha MeherListen to Akasha Meher
Akasha PreetListen to Akasha Preet
Akasha PremListen to Akasha Prem
Akasha PritiListen to Akasha Priti
AkashbirListen to Akashbir
AkashdeepListen to Akashdeep
AkashjeetListen to Akashjeet
AkashpreetListen to Akashpreet
AmanListen to Aman
Aman GopalListen to Aman Gopal
Aman JiwanListen to Aman Jiwan
Aman MohanListen to Aman Mohan
Aman RaviListen to Aman Ravi
Aman SadhanaListen to Aman Sadhana
Aman SaroopListen to Aman Saroop
Aman SatyaListen to Aman Satya
Aman ShantiListen to Aman Shanti
AmanbirListen to Amanbir
AmandeepListen to Amandeep
AmandeviListen to Amandevi
AmangeetListen to Amangeet
AmanjeetListen to Amanjeet
AmanpalListen to Amanpal
AmanpreetListen to Amanpreet
AmanroopListen to Amanroop
AmanwantListen to Amanwant
AmarListen to Amar
Amar AdiListen to Amar Adi
Amar AtmaListen to Amar Atma
Amar BhagatListen to Amar Bhagat
Amar BhagtiListen to Amar Bhagti
Amar DevaListen to Amar Deva
Amar DeviListen to Amar Devi
Amar DharamListen to Amar Dharam
Amar GianListen to Amar Gian
Amar GopalListen to Amar Gopal
Amar InderListen to Amar Inder
Amar JodhaListen to Amar Jodha
Amar MohanListen to Amar Mohan
Amar NamListen to Amar Nam
Amar NarayanListen to Amar Narayan
Amar NihalListen to Amar Nihal
Amar PremListen to Amar Prem
Amar PritpalListen to Amar Pritpal
Amar RoopListen to Amar Roop
Amar SadhanaListen to Amar Sadhana
Amar SaranListen to Amar Saran
Amar SaroopListen to Amar Saroop
Amar SatyaListen to Amar Satya
Amar ShaktiListen to Amar Shakti
Amar ShantiListen to Amar Shanti
Amar TaranListen to Amar Taran
Amar TeraListen to Amar Tera
AmarbirListen to Amarbir
AmardassListen to Amardass
AmardeepListen to Amardeep
AmardevListen to Amardev
AmargeetListen to Amargeet
AmargunListen to Amargun
AmarjeetListen to Amarjeet
AmarjodhListen to Amarjodh
AmarjotListen to Amarjot
AmarleenListen to Amarleen
AmarnathListen to Amarnath
AmarpalListen to Amarpal
AmarpreetListen to Amarpreet
AmarsukhListen to Amarsukh
AmartekListen to Amartek
AmarwantListen to Amarwant
AmritListen to Amrit
Amrit AdeshListen to Amrit Adesh
Amrit AjeetListen to Amrit Ajeet
Amrit AkalListen to Amrit Akal
Amrit AnandListen to Amrit Anand
Amrit AnterListen to Amrit Anter
Amrit ArdasListen to Amrit Ardas
Amrit AtmaListen to Amrit Atma
Amrit BachanListen to Amrit Bachan
Amrit BaniListen to Amrit Bani
Amrit BasantListen to Amrit Basant
Amrit BhagtiListen to Amrit Bhagti
Amrit BhajanListen to Amrit Bhajan
Amrit BhaktiListen to Amrit Bhakti
Amrit ChananListen to Amrit Chanan
Amrit ChandListen to Amrit Chand
Amrit ChandraListen to Amrit Chandra
Amrit CharanListen to Amrit Charan
Amrit DarshanListen to Amrit Darshan
Amrit DassListen to Amrit Dass
Amrit DayaListen to Amrit Daya
Amrit DeviListen to Amrit Devi
Amrit DharamListen to Amrit Dharam
Amrit GianListen to Amrit Gian
Amrit GobindListen to Amrit Gobind
Amrit GobindeListen to Amrit Gobinde
Amrit GopalListen to Amrit Gopal
Amrit HariListen to Amrit Hari
Amrit InderListen to Amrit Inder
Amrit JiwanListen to Amrit Jiwan
Amrit JotiListen to Amrit Joti
Amrit KalyanListen to Amrit Kalyan
Amrit KamalListen to Amrit Kamal
Amrit KaramListen to Amrit Karam
Amrit KartaListen to Amrit Karta
Amrit KirtanListen to Amrit Kirtan
Amrit KirtiListen to Amrit Kirti
Amrit KrishanListen to Amrit Krishan
Amrit KriyaListen to Amrit Kriya
Amrit ManjeetListen to Amrit Manjeet
Amrit ManterListen to Amrit Manter
Amrit MantraListen to Amrit Mantra
Amrit MeherListen to Amrit Meher
Amrit MiterListen to Amrit Miter
Amrit MohanListen to Amrit Mohan
Amrit NamListen to Amrit Nam
Amrit NarayanListen to Amrit Narayan
Amrit NidhanListen to Amrit Nidhan
Amrit NihalListen to Amrit Nihal
Amrit NirbanListen to Amrit Nirban
Amrit NirmalListen to Amrit Nirmal
Amrit NishanListen to Amrit Nishan
Amrit PadmaniListen to Amrit Padmani
Amrit ParamListen to Amrit Param
Amrit PrabhuListen to Amrit Prabhu
Amrit PrakashListen to Amrit Prakash
Amrit PremListen to Amrit Prem
Amrit PritamListen to Amrit Pritam
Amrit PritiListen to Amrit Priti
Amrit PritpalListen to Amrit Pritpal
Amrit PuranListen to Amrit Puran
Amrit RaiListen to Amrit Rai
Amrit RamListen to Amrit Ram
Amrit RaviListen to Amrit Ravi
Amrit SadhanaListen to Amrit Sadhana
Amrit SahejListen to Amrit Sahej
Amrit SandeshListen to Amrit Sandesh
Amrit SangeetListen to Amrit Sangeet
Amrit SaroopListen to Amrit Saroop
Amrit SatyaListen to Amrit Satya
Amrit SavitriListen to Amrit Savitri
Amrit SeetalListen to Amrit Seetal
Amrit SevaListen to Amrit Seva
Amrit SevakListen to Amrit Sevak
Amrit ShantiListen to Amrit Shanti
Amrit SooryaListen to Amrit Soorya
Amrit SubaghListen to Amrit Subagh
Amrit SunderListen to Amrit Sunder
Amrit SundriListen to Amrit Sundri
Amrit SwaranListen to Amrit Swaran
Amrit TaranListen to Amrit Taran
Amrit TejListen to Amrit Tej
Amrit TeraListen to Amrit Tera
Amrit VedListen to Amrit Ved
Amrit VedyaListen to Amrit Vedya
AmritaListen to Amrita
Amrita AjeetListen to Amrita Ajeet
Amrita AngadListen to Amrita Angad
Amrita ArdasListen to Amrita Ardas
Amrita BhajanListen to Amrita Bhajan
Amrita BhaktiListen to Amrita Bhakti
Amrita DarshanListen to Amrita Darshan
Amrita DharamListen to Amrita Dharam
Amrita DhyanListen to Amrita Dhyan
Amrita GianListen to Amrita Gian
Amrita GopalListen to Amrita Gopal
Amrita KalyanListen to Amrita Kalyan
Amrita KamalListen to Amrita Kamal
Amrita KirtanListen to Amrita Kirtan
Amrita KirtiListen to Amrita Kirti
Amrita LakshmiListen to Amrita Lakshmi
Amrita MeherListen to Amrita Meher
Amrita NamListen to Amrita Nam
Amrita NidhanListen to Amrita Nidhan
Amrita ParamListen to Amrita Param
Amrita PavanListen to Amrita Pavan
Amrita PremListen to Amrita Prem
Amrita PritamListen to Amrita Pritam
Amrita PuranListen to Amrita Puran
Amrita RamListen to Amrita Ram
Amrita SandeshListen to Amrita Sandesh
Amrita SangeetListen to Amrita Sangeet
Amrita SeetalListen to Amrita Seetal
Amrita SimranListen to Amrita Simran
Amrita SiriListen to Amrita Siri
Amrita SundriListen to Amrita Sundri
Amrita TaranListen to Amrita Taran
AmritbansListen to Amritbans
AmritbirListen to Amritbir
AmritdeepListen to Amritdeep
AmritjeetListen to Amritjeet
AmritjotListen to Amritjot
AmritleenListen to Amritleen
AmritpalListen to Amritpal
AmritpreetListen to Amritpreet
AmritroopListen to Amritroop
Anadh DeepListen to Anadh Deep
Anadh MeherListen to Anadh Meher
Anadh PremListen to Anadh Prem
Anadh PritamListen to Anadh Pritam
Anadh SimranListen to Anadh Simran
AnadhjotListen to Anadhjot
AnadhpalListen to Anadhpal
AnahadListen to Anahad
AnandListen to Anand
Anand AmritListen to Anand Amrit
Anand AtmaListen to Anand Atma
Anand BaniListen to Anand Bani
Anand BhagatListen to Anand Bhagat
Anand BhagtiListen to Anand Bhagti
Anand BhajanListen to Anand Bhajan
Anand CharanListen to Anand Charan
Anand DassListen to Anand Dass
Anand DayaListen to Anand Daya
Anand DeepListen to Anand Deep
Anand DevaListen to Anand Deva
Anand DeviListen to Anand Devi
Anand DevtaListen to Anand Devta
Anand DharmaListen to Anand Dharma
Anand HariListen to Anand Hari
Anand JiwanListen to Anand Jiwan
Anand KamalListen to Anand Kamal
Anand KaramListen to Anand Karam
Anand KevalListen to Anand Keval
Anand KirpalListen to Anand Kirpal
Anand KirtanListen to Anand Kirtan
Anand LakhmiListen to Anand Lakhmi
Anand LakshmiListen to Anand Lakshmi
Anand MeherListen to Anand Meher
Anand MehtabListen to Anand Mehtab
Anand NamListen to Anand Nam
Anand NihalListen to Anand Nihal
Anand NirmalListen to Anand Nirmal
Anand PavanListen to Anand Pavan
Anand PrakashListen to Anand Prakash
Anand PritamListen to Anand Pritam
Anand PritiListen to Anand Priti
Anand PriyaListen to Anand Priya
Anand RamListen to Anand Ram
Anand RaviListen to Anand Ravi
Anand SaroopListen to Anand Saroop
Anand SatyaListen to Anand Satya
Anand SevakListen to Anand Sevak
Anand SimritListen to Anand Simrit
Anand SiriListen to Anand Siri
AnandaListen to Ananda
Ananda BachanListen to Ananda Bachan
Ananda DarshanListen to Ananda Darshan
Ananda DassListen to Ananda Dass
Ananda GopalListen to Ananda Gopal
Ananda KiranListen to Ananda Kiran
Ananda KirtiListen to Ananda Kirti
Ananda PreetListen to Ananda Preet
Ananda PriyaListen to Ananda Priya
AnandbirListen to Anandbir
AnandgeetListen to Anandgeet
AnandjotListen to Anandjot
AnandleenListen to Anandleen
AnandmeetListen to Anandmeet
AnandpalListen to Anandpal
AnandpreetListen to Anandpreet
AnandrajListen to Anandraj
AnandroopListen to Anandroop
Anant PrakashListen to Anant Prakash
Anant RoopListen to Anant Roop
Anant TekListen to Anant Tek
AnantdevListen to Anantdev
AnantjeetListen to Anantjeet
AnantjotListen to Anantjot
AnantmanListen to Anantman
AnantmeetListen to Anantmeet
AnantpalListen to Anantpal
AnantpremListen to Anantprem
AnantroopListen to Anantroop
AneelListen to Aneel
AngadListen to Angad
Angad DyalListen to Angad Dyal
Angad SevaListen to Angad Seva
AnoopListen to Anoop
Anoop JotListen to Anoop Jot
Anoop NamListen to Anoop Nam
Anoop PremListen to Anoop Prem
AnoopbirListen to Anoopbir
AnoopdeepListen to Anoopdeep
AnoopdevListen to Anoopdev
AnoopjotListen to Anoopjot
AnoopmeetListen to Anoopmeet
AnterListen to Anter
Anter DeviListen to Anter Devi
Anter GianListen to Anter Gian
Anter PrakashListen to Anter Prakash
Anter PremListen to Anter Prem
AnterdevListen to Anterdev
AnterjeetListen to Anterjeet
AnterjotListen to Anterjot
AnterjotiListen to Anterjoti
AntermukhListen to Antermukh
AradhanaListen to Aradhana
Aradhana PreetListen to Aradhana Preet
Aradhana PriyaListen to Aradhana Priya
ArdasListen to Ardas
Ardas AmritListen to Ardas Amrit
Ardas AmritaListen to Ardas Amrita
Ardas AtmaListen to Ardas Atma
Ardas BeantListen to Ardas Beant
Ardas BhagatListen to Ardas Bhagat
Ardas BhagtiListen to Ardas Bhagti
Ardas ChanderListen to Ardas Chander
Ardas DarshanListen to Ardas Darshan
Ardas DayaListen to Ardas Daya
Ardas DeviListen to Ardas Devi
Ardas DevtaListen to Ardas Devta
Ardas GianListen to Ardas Gian
Ardas JiwanListen to Ardas Jiwan
Ardas MantraListen to Ardas Mantra
Ardas RaviListen to Ardas Ravi
Ardas SadhanaListen to Ardas Sadhana
Ardas ShaktiListen to Ardas Shakti
Ardas ShantiListen to Ardas Shanti
Ardas SimranListen to Ardas Simran
Ardas TeraListen to Ardas Tera
ArjanListen to Arjan
Arjan DevListen to Arjan Dev
Arjan DevaListen to Arjan Deva
Arjan DeviListen to Arjan Devi
Arjan GianListen to Arjan Gian
Arjan NamListen to Arjan Nam
Arjan ShaktiListen to Arjan Shakti
Arjan ShantiListen to Arjan Shanti
Arjan SimranListen to Arjan Simran
ArjanbirListen to Arjanbir
ArjanjotListen to Arjanjot
ArjanpreetListen to Arjanpreet
ArtiListen to Arti
ArvindListen to Arvind
Arvind GianListen to Arvind Gian
Arvind JotiListen to Arvind Joti
Arvind NamListen to Arvind Nam
Arvind RaviListen to Arvind Ravi
ArvindjotListen to Arvindjot
AsharListen to Ashar
AtmaListen to Atma
Atma AnandListen to Atma Anand
Atma BaniListen to Atma Bani
Atma BasantListen to Atma Basant
Atma BhagtiListen to Atma Bhagti
Atma CharanListen to Atma Charan
Atma DarshanListen to Atma Darshan
Atma DayalListen to Atma Dayal
Atma DharamListen to Atma Dharam
Atma GianListen to Atma Gian
Atma GobindListen to Atma Gobind
Atma GopalListen to Atma Gopal
Atma HariListen to Atma Hari
Atma KaramListen to Atma Karam
Atma LakshmiListen to Atma Lakshmi
Atma NamListen to Atma Nam
Atma NidhanListen to Atma Nidhan
Atma NirbhaoListen to Atma Nirbhao
Atma NirmalListen to Atma Nirmal
Atma NishanListen to Atma Nishan
Atma NivasListen to Atma Nivas
Atma ParamListen to Atma Param
Atma ParvanListen to Atma Parvan
Atma PrakashListen to Atma Prakash
Atma PritamListen to Atma Pritam
Atma RamListen to Atma Ram
Atma SangatListen to Atma Sangat
Atma SantokhListen to Atma Santokh
Atma SavitriListen to Atma Savitri
Atma SevaListen to Atma Seva
Atma SevakListen to Atma Sevak
Atma ShaktiListen to Atma Shakti
Atma SimranListen to Atma Simran
Atma TejListen to Atma Tej
Atma TiagaListen to Atma Tiaga
AtmabirListen to Atmabir
AtmadeepListen to Atmadeep
AtmadevListen to Atmadev
AtmadhyanListen to Atmadhyan
AtmageetListen to Atmageet
AtmajeetListen to Atmajeet
AtmajotListen to Atmajot
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