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The Sound of Healing

By Shabad Kaur Khalsa, LCPC, LMFT, E-­‐RYT 500

Many years ago, I went through a mysterious and intense illness with symptoms that stumped Western physicians. I experienced excruciating pain near my liver, but every test came up as inconclusive. One doctor finally pronounced, “I will operate and remove your gall bladder. Sometimes God makes mistakes.”

Had I not been in such physical distress, I would have fled his office at a run!

The happy ending of this story is that it moved me towards alternative forms of healing including Kundalini Yoga, meditation, acupuncture and counseling. I explored a path that resolved the illness, and focused on identifying the root cause, not just addressing the relief of symptoms.

Whenever there is distress, the body speaks in the language of symptoms. Whether this is an injury, like a twisted ankle, or an imbalance in a body system, like digestive troubles, there are sensations that seek our attention.

There exists a state of being called quiescence (KWI-­‐essence) which means a quiet spell or state of being. It's used often to mean "dormancy," or the quieting of a symptom or a disease, such as the quiescence of outdoor allergies during the cooler months. The Latin root word is quies, which means "rest or quiet."

When we stretch and move in Kundalini Yoga kriyas, we invite this quietness. Healing happens as we chant and call in the power of the Shabd Guru, smoothing out negative thoughts into a neutral state. Self-healing occurs and the symptoms fade away.

The frequency of healing can be created in various ways. In terms of sound, one vibration we can tune into is that of the primal, ‘Unstruck’ Melody—Anahat. This is the subtle vibration of the Universe, the sound still resonating from the ‘Big Bang.’ This is also the realm of the heart center, the Anahat Chakra, associated with balance, serenity and compassion.

When we align ourselves with healing force, or receive the touch of a healer’s hand, there’s a higher frequency in the space. There’s a deep sense of quiet that’s created, a hush occurs. Inflammation reduces. The drama fades off the screen of the psyche. And the pain fades.

Listen deeply for the quiescence, for the space and grace of healing.

Aad aneel anaad anaahat jug jug ayko vays

"Primal, Pure, and equal to none.

There is no beginning and no end.

Through all the ages the one unchanging."

-Guru Nanak, Japji Sahib, 29th Pauri

Shabad Kaur Khalsa, LCPC, LMFT, E-RYT 500, KRI Level 1 Lead Teacher Trainer, organizes and leads the Annual Midwest Women’s Yoga Retreat. She is co-founder and director of Spirit Rising Yoga Center and Spirit Rising Foundation. She has taught Kundalini Yoga as well as practiced psychotherapy for nearly 30 years, integrating the yogic teachings into treatment for adults and couples. She is honored to have served Yogi Bhajan directly and has transcribed, edited, and illustrated several books including his Women’s Camp lectures, Master’s Touch and Flow of Eternal Power. The health and empowerment of women through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga is a cause that is near and dear to her heart and she also specializes in Humanology, marriage, conscious birth, self-care, and health and wellness.[email protected]