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Our global times have made our interdependence clearer than ever and we are all being asked to participate in making this world a safer, more equitable place for everyone. The younger generations are leading the way, calling us each into responsibility and service toward a greater good. 

In Yoga, we use the word "seva" to describe acts of compassion and care for others. We invite you to elevate this important component of the yogic path in your life, through random acts of kindness, volunteering your time, giving of your gifts in the ways that are right for you. It could be a smile, it could be an endowment. 

Like any kriya or meditation, seva is an energy practice with the power to transform the practitioner and the world. 

Luminaries Program
The 3HO Luminaries Program honors and highlights individuals from around the world who are engaged in extraordinary service and provides a platform for them to share their message, create inspiring connections, and ignite the spirit of greater service.

Global Seva Corps
Seva Corps was born in April 2020 with the purpose of serving those who serve. That is why our motto is Serving Together.