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Release from the Habit of Attachment

By Sewa Singh

We can use the sensory changes we create during yoga practice to free ourselves from the pain of the past. A natural radiance rewards our efforts.

Attachment leads to the kind of human suffering that is self-induced. You can end this kind of suffering through your own intent and effort. How?

1.    Plan to use the technologies of yoga and meditation to create your own sensory experience that is free from attachment.

2.    Do the work that brings you to those states of neutrality, tranquility and joy.

3.    Relax deeply into the sensory experience of these states that you have created through your own mental and physical discipline.

4.    Profoundly and completely recall these sensory states that you have become intimately familiar with, when they will serve your peace of mind, physical well-being and release from attachment.

Example: Release of suffering that originates with attachment from the activity of the intellectual mind and reactive emotions.

1.    Old habit: If someone insulted you, your intellectual mind understood it and your body responded to the stress. You used to allow your mind to repeat that incident over and over, stressing your body over and over. Although sometimes repeated with different outcomes, no matter how you ran or re-ran the event in your mind and body, neither were satisfied. Repeated self-induced stress equaled suffering.

2.    New habit: If someone insults you, you recall that the definition of a yogi/yogini is someone who is not attached or reactive to either praise or insult. You then recall the profound sensory experiences that you have created earlier through your practice. Recall your sensory experience of being transported into deep tranquility by meditating on the sacred mantric sounds. Recall your sensory experience of total relaxation. Recall your sensory experience of brilliant healing light radiating from your heart. As you drop your old habit of attachment, your suffering ends.

The technology is the same whether the attachment originates in the mind or emotions. The “One Minute Breath” was recommended by Yogi Bhajan to advance your development as a sensory human. It will empower you to create those profound sensory experiences that can be utilized to release yourself from the habits of intellectual and emotional attachment. Remember the Infinite with each breath.

Here is a link to the One Minute Breath technique. To experience it, you must do it sincerely and with give it your time and attention.

Sewa Singh Khalsa is one of Yogi Bhajan’s early students. He has acted as a counselor for many couples and individuals, basing his approach purely on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. He is also an accomplished artist and his work can be seen on He lives in Seattle, Washington, with his wife, Sewa Kaur.

Art by Sewa Singh,