Healing Ginger Lemon Drink

1 serving | 5 minutes

During the winter months when the cold and flu are rampant, it’s crucial to ramp up your herbal medicine regimen. Ginger is a powerful antiviral that specifically helps with respiratory infections and lemon is a wonderful way to boost the immune system as well as bring the body’s pH to alkaline. Both the lemon and the ginger also aid in digestion.


  • 2 oz ginger juice (best if ginger juice is made from a food juicer, but you can also shred the ginger in a food processor and then squeeze the juice out of the ginger)
  • 2 oz. lemon juice
  • 1 oz flaxseed, sesame, or olive oil



Mix all ingredients together in a cup and enjoy! If you find the intensity too strong, dilute it with hot or cold water to taste.


Notes: You have your choice of oils to add to this tonic. According to yogic wisdom, flaxseed oil and sesame oil are good for the heart, and olive oil is good for the brain. 

This simple, warming drink is best taken on an empty stomach upon waking.