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Pushma Kriya: Flower Meditation

This meditation expands you beyond limiting mental processes.

Open the hands like flowers. Tense and curve all fingers and your thumbs upwards. Fingers and thumbs are separated by 1 inch at the tips and the hands are placed 10 inches from the heart center with the palms facing up.

Press the moon centers of the hands together by placing the inside of the palms together (inside edge above wrist). Separate mercury mounds (the pad of the palm directly underneath the pinkie finger) by 1 inch. The right hand is turned slightly upward and in. Tense your fingers as much as possible. Keep them as hard as steel. The body will sweat.

Close your eyes and meditatively see two flowers at the forehead. You may see lines of color if the fingers are tensed properly.

Continue for 7 minutes, then inhale and feel you are holding the entire world in this breath. Exhale. Inhale deeply and experience the pranic energy in the breath. Exhale. Inhale and on the final exhale utter the sound "Wah."

Relax the hands to the knees and meditate. Float and float beyond the stars, sun and moon into an infinite world. Within the little world in your head experience the infinite world. You will almost fall asleep. To complete, inhale, and bring yourself back from floating, and back into your body. Exhale. Take several long, deep breaths.