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Prosperity from the Roots to the Fruit (with Arti Kriya and Prosperity Meditation)

By Bhavanjot Kaur

“The first role of the teacher is to be humble—the character, the courage, the grace, and the magnitude of a person is in practicing humility. One who cannot go under can never grow. The first power of the seed is to go under, and then grow.”  – Yogi Bhajan

My daughter and I were soaking up the rays of the waning summer sun. It was August and the beaches were starting to clear out as tourists headed back to their winter homes and students prepared to go back to school. We were sitting close to the water as my daughter made castles in the sand.

I was looking out at the water when I noticed something round and red rolling toward us with each small wave. To my surprise, it was an apple. It was like a little bobbing reminder that the change of season was upon us. Soon the leaves would change and there would be apples to pick, pies to make and pumpkins to carve. I scooped it out of the water and handed it over to my daughter.  

A few moments later another apple was rolling up to meet us on the shore and I grabbed that one too and handed it over to my daughter who was delighted to have one for each hand.

My next thought was that school would be starting soon and the symbolism of the apple to the teacher. Finally, I fetched a third apple that was riding a small wave in. Three apples, I thought. While I was very grateful for the gift of these apples strangely appearing on the beach, I also sat perplexed wondering what the meaning was.  

My daughter just enjoyed the fruit and played with it as though it was a normal occurrence. She was not looking to attach significance or meaning. She just enjoyed playing with them. I then sat wondering where the fourth one was. I kept my eyes on the water, but the fourth apple did not come that day.

“The greatest art is to sit, and wait, and let it come.” -Yogi Bhajan

Some time passed and my daughter began pre-school.  She started coming home with all sorts of colorful autumn projects with leaves and apples.  One particular project that captured my attention was done by using half of an apple slice as a stamp with paint.

My daughter proudly presented her completed painting and pointed out the star shape at the center of the apple stamp and explained to me that there are seeds inside. She also acknowledged how the apple half looks like a heart and I smiled in agreement. A star and a seed at the center of the heart, I thought.

It seemed the fourth apple that I was waiting for at the beach just a short time ago had come when I least expected it. I was no longer searching or waiting and no longer had any attachment to its meaning and this is when it came into my awareness. The fourth apple, the heart chakra, was seemingly the fruit within me all along. I immediately recalled a profound meditation, Arti Kriya, from my teacher training. This meditation requires an apple in each hand and is directly linked to the heart chakra.

“Taking is suffering. Giving is happiness.” -Yogi Bhajan, 3/8/1999

Some more time passed and my daughter brought home a picture of a large tree full of green leaves and bright red apples in the tree. I hung it above my desk. I found great inspiration from it. The painting reminded me of one of my favorite childhood tales called "The Giving Tree."

I recalled how the tree gave everything away to a boy that she loved and was left just a stump in the end, but was so happy when the boy came to sit there. The tree was always happy because she was always giving and never taking.

Some may take your fruit and shake your leaves to the ground. Some might hack away at your branches and cut down your trunk leaving you with nothing, but a stump.  You can be taken down to nothing or you can surrender and give it all away and give it all up and find gratitude and happiness in this giving and allow the winds of change to carry you to new ground.

Kundalini Yoga will plant your seed in that fresh soil on that new ground. There you will be surrounded by other trees, near and far, growing in the same wood as you intertwine with new compassionate and loving roots and a new and stronger trunk with free flowing branches and bright leaves and the fruits of your destiny as a teacher can only be prosperity, come what may.

In the words of the master:

 “You have to develop your eyes to see the Universe beyond its existence. You must know the focus so you can see a huge tree, and its fruit, and also see the little seed which God developed into that tree is still there. It has not gone.”

If you want to experience greater awareness of the infinite abundance flowing to you, through you and around you then practice the following meditation for 40, 90 or 120 days.  

Prosperity II Kriya

Bhavanjot Kaur is the owner and founder of Hamsa Healing Arts in Old Saybrook, CT. Bhavanjot is a Kundalini yoga teacher, Reiki Master & Teacher, Craniosacral therapy practitioner and she also offers sound therapy with a 32" gong. Bhavanjot hosts a local women's circle and various workshops on therapeutic grade essential oils, medicinal mushrooms and The Art of Reiki Levels I and II. She is a proud single mother to a beautiful and delightful four-year-old little girl who overcame a rare childhood kidney cancer.