Guru Mantra: Deep Meditation into Thoughtlessness

The essential beauty of this meditation is that the constant flow of the intellect stops, and the mind becomes empty. It is a very quick way of achieving a state of thoughtlessness, and the moment you achieve it, the only thought may be the place and sounds you are concentrating on.

The Practice

Posture: Easy Pose. Pull your spine up straight; apply Neck Lock.

Mudra: Place the hands in the lap palms up, with the right hand resting in the left. Thumbs may or may not touch.

Eyes: Closed. Totally pull the energy to the root of the nose between the two eyebrows; concentrate at the Brow Point.

Breath: None specified; do not worry about the breath.

Mantra: Whaa-hay Guroo. Mentally vibrate the mantra, which means "ecstasy in the light of the Lord which takes you away from the darkness." The chant is broken into four atomic dimensions: Whaa Hay Gu Roo.


Hay-The presence of the finite in infinity



Visualization: For the effect to really happen now, there can be no tension in any other part of the body. Absolutely no tension. Let it go. Imagine seeing yourself and watching all the tension in every part of the body leave. Let your body go. If you relax and keep up, you will enter a new dimension of consciousness.

However, the gate is guarded by the lower self, so you may have to battle for entry. The body may itch or pain you; call on your higher wilI and let everything that hinders you go.

Continue for 11 minutes. With practice you can work up to 31minutes. To end, inhale, exhale. Make fists of your hands, open and close them several times. Then massage them to readjust the circulation.