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Numerology for September: Opening an Energy Doorway

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of September reveals a fascinating moment of standing on the precipice of two distinctly different worlds: the world of our past relationships, and the vision of where we would now like to go in the unfolding landscape of our future connections.

The number 9 of September brings into play the themes of completion, spiritual sensitivity, and a fine-tuning of our desires for emotional fulfillment. We want more, yet we have been feeling frustrated at times over the summer when “more” didn’t happen quite the way we wanted it to!

This is because so many of the planets have been “retrograde,” which can create blocks or delays for even the best thought out plans. Mercury and Mars are direct now, meaning that our communication and focused efforts have a greater chance of yielding the best results. And yet there’s still a bit more to clear-up before we can securely navigate the coming months ahead.

The most important aspect of September is to realize, “It’s over if I want it to be over.” There is a great power in the number 9, and there are double 9’s at play, both in the month and Gift number for the year (Gift is last 2 digits of year: 1+8 = 9). These double 9’s in the Heart calculation (month + Gift = Heart), will create an unstoppable intensity at times, where we can stand and say, “I’m not taking it anymore, I’m moving on, I know there’s better for me.”

Yes, there absolutely is better for you, especially when you remember all the lessons you learned this summer about boundaries. The theme of boundaries in relationships, business, commitments, and personal time has recently been a huge cornerstone of personal growth for us all. No one has been untouched by this, and we are still sorting out the fine points of it all.

What is most important to know about September is, as you clearly say, “No!” to that which is no longer working, there will be an immediate “turn-style effect” occurring. This means that you will be precisely shifted to the direction of your highest prayers and intentions manifesting. The Angels hold forth strongly in the realm of the number 9, so get ready for the supportive guidance that is just a whisper away.

Number 9 is the Subtle Body, which is above time and space. Our Subtle Body has the power to communicate with someone half-way around the world in the blink of an eye. Nine is also the number of magic and mystery, which can lend a positive light into the experience of, “Wow, I can’t believe things have worked out now better than the way I was forcing them to earlier this year!”

There is an enormous amount of divine connectivity happening throughout the month, sparking forth relationships that are meant to be on every level. This is because of yet another positive double-frequency where the number 20 appears in the Base (9 month + 11 year = 20), as well as the Asset calculation (Asset is Gift of 9 + year of 11 = 20).

The number 2, amplified by 0 (Zero), creates a super-longing to connect and feel appreciated by those who would best understand you. This doorway of energy is opening on the planet, and your only requirement is to let in the new, with a steady awareness to not let in the karmic-rerun script.

“Mastery over Mystery” is the motto of the number 9, and if you would like to remove the “feeling lost” zone of confusion from your life, here is the meditation. The Dhrib Dhrishti Kriya will, “give you insight into the future.”

We have a handful of powerful days this month to be aware of, and let’s start with the best of the batch first. The 6th, 8th, 15th, 17th, 24th, and 26th all have a strong element of good fortune and divine synchronicity running through them. Get your game on and get out there, ‘cause there’s gold in them hills!

The dates of the 9th, 18th and 27th can be good dates if you’re on top of your spiritual practice and reading the subtle lines of energy correctly, or, they can be a total fog-bank if you’re not. What we need to factor in is the fact that some people don’t meditate at all, and could care less about being sensitive. So, these are also the dates to be aware of the “Bull in the China shop” effect. When number 9 goes negative it can get super-ugly in its behavior and communication. Know that through the awareness you are developing through your meditation practice, you can avoid or side-step these situations.

Once when Yogi Bhajan was counseling a young man in my presence, he told him that it is not always about how spiritual you are, it’s about how alert you are.

It is through this balance of a strong Subtle Body, aligned with a gentle alertness to the environments, that we can best navigate the month of September.

Mastery is an exceptionally beautiful place to operate from in your life. We all appreciate the beauty of mastery when we hear it in music, see it in dance and theater, or view it in the world of art. I can still remember as a child going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in N.Y.C., and staring for the longest time at the paintings there, simply awestruck by the beauty of someone’s creation.

We all have that power of creation, and by releasing the dead-weight of the past we can now regenerate into the newest, most brilliant version of ourselves. Your self-mastery awaits you, and through a simple and consistent effort you can manifest a project, a life, or a way of being that inspires you and others as well. Nine is our visionary creativity, the dream before the reality, the twinkle in the eye of the mystic.

Believe in yourself now, your creative spark is an essential part of the prayers of Humanity being fulfilled. Sat Nam, and many blessings to you.

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