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Numerology for October 2021: Guard Your Heart

By Nam Hari

The month of October brings a time when we need to stabilize and restructure our lives as we ease into the unease of a relentlessly changing world. The overall number for 2021, which is a 5, has brought with it the themes of sweeping change, upheaval, revolt, and a rattling of sabers over what we believed to be our assumed freedoms. Now no one is able to safely assume anything anymore.

The number 10 represents our relationship to authority, personal excellence, the nervous system, and how we choose to collectively lead ourselves. There are great power struggles in the days ahead, and you need to have your head on straight so you are neither seduced or overwhelmed by forces which do not always have your best interests at heart.

The number 10 of October brings a time of “Initiation into self courage.” You can speak out loud the affirmation, “I now live my life from my courageous heart, and all the Heavenly forces are assisting me in rising to my greatest potential.”

This takes a conscious effort. As the relentless onslaught of “new things to be afraid of” pervades our collective culture, we need to be aware of what we are allowing into our hearts and minds. The Heart number for October is a 4, by way of number 13 (Heart is month of 10 + Gift of 3 = 13, reducing to 4). In our hearts we are craving stability, structure and order, as many people are feeling, “Enough is enough!”

Number 4 represents the words we speak, and 13 is a Significant number which represents the “Power of the Word.” We are presently in a war-of-words on the planet, and information is being crafted to suit many people’s personal agendas. On a higher level number 4 represents the Neutral Mind, and this can be the tie-breaker for you as you navigate your decision-making process. One of the most important things to remember now is, “Don’t jump into it!” Do not allow yourself to make a decision based on a knee-jerk emotional reaction. Give yourself time and space to think things through and assess the situation. Time is a friend in October.

Now, I am about to throw you an interesting curve ball. As much as I just said, “Don’t do anything too crazy!” there is another dynamic at play that has to do with spontaneous opportunities. This is because the number 10 of October sparks our personal courage and enables us to see beyond our present condition and circumstances. And of course, there’s a movie involved.

I would strongly recommend that you watch the 2013 film, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” I am not particularly a Ben Stiller fan (sorry Ben), but he is exceptionally well cast as a timid man who is entirely cut off from his original spirit. Circumstances push him outside the box, and suddenly his life becomes a skipping stone of adventure and ultimate good fortune. The music in the film is very good as well.

We need to light a spark for ourselves now, and let it “catch fire” and connect to our sense of magic and possibility. The waves on the ocean of life may be high and mighty at times, yet the higher forces of God’s grace and prevailing goodness are always available to us. You just need to know how to tune in, and use your own Power of the Word.

I am recommending that for a few minutes a day you chant the Ardas Bhaee mantra, as it is very specifically a prayer mantra. Even if you are not praying for  exactly the right thing, this mantra self-corrects the energy and brings you what you do need. Here is a link to a lovely version that is easy and happy to sing along with.

If you are traveling, and you are smart, you always pack extra provisions so you can handle potentially changing circumstances. The times we are in require us to sustain and fortify ourselves with higher frequencies that will balance our heart. Make time every day to nurture your own heart’s energy, and if you have children, be sure to include in the day moments of laughter and play.

Some creative ideas would be taking old family pictures and creating a scrapbook where your child draws in captions for the pictures. Another thought would be to create a mural on poster board that shows the dreams and prayers of your family in pictures cut-out from magazines, and sections that are drawn by the children. Get color markers, crayons, glue and sprinkle-on glitter to help illustrate their ideas.

This can help them to gain a sense of personal power and develop their creative visioning into the future. You can even sit as a family and sing a song together as you gaze at your evolving mural, blessing the days ahead.

Speaking words of faith and encouragement are important now, as the numbers 13/4 of the Heart calculation are presently looking for something to believe in. As a humanity we have felt very let down over the past couple of years, and this has fostered a lot of insecurity in the human psyche.

We must not let ourselves down, knowing that there are good days ahead regardless of what the headlines may say at times.

No one likes to feel vulnerable or at a disadvantage. This month of October is a time to weave together a cozy quilt of self-nurturing practices that will keep you warm and safe in the winter months ahead. Allow yourself a definitive “end of the day” time line, and create a spiritual oasis of good food, music, reading, meditation, and play time with the children. Replenish yourself so you may start the following day in high gear and good spirits.

Pace yourself and remember, ”When you have done your best, await the result in peace.”


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