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Numerology for October 2020: A Pivotal Moment

By Nam Hari Kaur

In life there are moments when you just have to tell it like it is, so, that is exactly what I am going to do. The month of October 2020 has transits of “hell and high water,” and I am going to tell you exactly how to navigate these moments.

First of all, the go-to mantra of the month is, “Stay in your lane.” Do not over-extend yourself on any level, for any reason. Offer help, advice, and assistance as it is reasonably within your resources to afford giving. You are not being a “good person” by creating a handicap or deficit for yourself that may be difficult to recoup.

The second mantra of merit for the month is, “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” This is worth writing on a Post-it note and placing on the bottom of the bathroom mirror, just so you don’t forget! There will be the mental tendency to want to accelerate yourself just to keep up with the overload of information and misinformation, so don’t go that route.

Keep your rhythm, know when to engage and when to disengage. Preserving your energy is of paramount importance now, as you don’t want to stress-out your immune system. A weekly detox bath of 4 pounds epsom salts and 6 drops of either Eucalyptus oil or Tea Tree oil in the bath water can do wonders for your lymphatic system.

We need to have our go-to support system lined-up, so stock up on your vitamins, bath salts, and chocolate chip cookies now!

There will be incredible energy surges hitting the planet, and if you’ve got your spiritual game-on, you can use this energy to your advantage. If not, it’s just the luck of the draw as to how you’ll manage. Being the stellar intelligent people we are, let’s practice something to specifically bring the frequency of luck and fortune into our lives.

The Antar Naad meditation takes only 11 minutes of your day, and will repay you mega-fold for your effort. You can practice it with the video, creating the experience of having a “meditation buddy” throughout the month. Good company!

We have a few especially powerful ‘surf’s-up’ days, and they are the 4th, 10th, 13th, 19th, 22nd, 28th and 30th. Don’t push anything on these days, and give things time and space to decompress. In the New York Times bestselling book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” author John Gray says, “Men go to their caves...Women talk.” He further goes on to explain that when the bear goes into the cave, don’t stick your hand in there!

Now that we’ve basically covered the potentially messy stuff, let’s take a look at the bright side.

The Heart number for October is a 12, which reduces down to a 3. (Heart is month of 10 + Gift of 2 = 12). Number 3 represents the themes of creativity, the Positive Mind, food, social connectivity and nurturing energy. However, it is by way of 12, which is the archetype of the Good Shepherd.

In response to all unfolding global events there will be a tremendously positive upsurgence of people coordinating their efforts and resources to answer the call. And answer the call we must, as there is no time left to waver in insecurity.

You may be thinking at this point, “Well, first you said not to overextend myself, and now you’re saying I need to answer the call; what’s up with that?” Fortunately, I always have an answer, and that answer is to stay within the flow of your own psyche.

You instinctively know when you are getting yourself off-balance, and when you are within your own energy reserves. Honor yourself and your needs, and know that whatever else remains to be done has someone else’s name on it. Good deal all around.

In order to better understand the value and higher intention of 2020, we need to pause for a moment and consider where we are at this stage of the journey. In the positive polarity, the number 2 represents alignment, harmony, and balance. In the negative polarity, it is conflict, duality, polarization. We certainly have all these themes circulating at this time in our global culture, and the next three months are pivotal in the evolution of humanity.

The life force of the 5 Elements will be very strong in the last three months of the year. The Elements are Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Ether. The sheer force of the Water Element can bring a tidal surge that flushes out objects that were hidden beneath the surface of the sand. The Air Element can bring a strong wind that knocks a tree down and exposes the root system.

Similar to the Earth, we as humans will be experiencing moments of a swift revelatory energy sweeping through our consciousness—a sudden awakening as to why you have been burdened with a behavior or addiction all your life, along with the ability to change the pattern if you choose to.

This is fantastic news for any of you who have had one of those, “I’m so sick of this sh*t, something’s got to change!” moments. Yes, it can change, and the power of the Elements are there to help you. This month’s suggested meditation works with the Ether Element, which is the domain of Grace and blessings. Grace is something that you may not have technically earned through good deeds, but is granted anyway by divine benevolence.

We all need that Grace right now, that “little help” energy of someone throwing the ball over the fence so we can get back in the game again. And it’s our game, our flow of life and creativity that is longing to unfold. The Elements are working with us to reveal what we never knew we really had going for us—that genius talent waiting and wanting to emerge.

Here is 2020 my friends, a bit messy at times I know, yet a greater revelatory energy at play which will change the trajectory of humanity.

One step at a time, me and you, and the Saints and Angels too. You never go empty handed from the door of humility and your heart-felt prayer. Keep smiling, keep shining, and know that the Heavens have got your back every step of the way. Sat Nam.

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