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Numerology for October 2018: Courage, Leadership, and Taking a Stand

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of October brings a time of increased self-awareness, along with the desire to pioneer a new direction in life. The number 10 embodies the themes of self-solvency, courage, leadership, and the ability to take a stand for the moral high ground. This is a time where you need to speak up for yourself, and break free from the emotional burdens or “contracts” that you have made with others.

Yes, often times in our Soul’s journey we make an agreement with another person(s) to complete an obligation or karmic lesson. Once the obligation or lesson has been completed it’s time to let go. For example, let’s say you agreed to help put someone through college. You may have felt a need to do this because in a past life there was only money enough in the family for one person to be educated, and that person was you, thereby leaving them to stay at home and milk the cows.

Now, in this lifetime, you agreed to pay for their education, and even though they’ve just graduated, they are still expecting you to supplement their income. The number 10 of October would say, “I have completed my responsibility to you, and you are now able to go out into the world and forage on your own.”

This is healthy for both sides of the equation, as your resources are liberated for new endeavors and the other person can empower themselves by moving forward and becoming self-sufficient.

There is an energetic link between the month of October this year, and the overall year of 2019. The 10 of October resonates with the Gift number of 2019, which is also a 10 (Gift is last two digits of year, 1+9=10). What we set into motion during the last 90 days of this year has a greater ability to take root and hold in the New Year of 2019.

Sneak Preview: 2019 is an intensely polarized time, where we will increasingly see the best of the best and the worst of the worst. There’s no sugar-coating this, and as I believe that information is power, let’s look at a few tips and pointers for proceeding into the New Year.

Number 10 represents the nervous system, as well as the skeletal structure. Creating a base of healthy eating habits that support your physical well-being is absolutely essential now. Get back to your roots, as in root vegetables that help you to stay grounded and feel supported. These would be potatoes, yams, carrots, beets, onions, garlic, etc. Make a tasty little casserole dish for yourself with these vegetables, adding in savory herbs with ghee or oil. Healthy oils (sesame, almond, coconut) have a calming effect on the nervous system and also help the body to absorb calcium.

Learn the art of balance and equilibrium. Yogi Bhajan once said of the number 10, “Not too much, not too little.” This is something he actually said to me personally, back when I was in my 20’s. I am a number 10 Soul, and because of a bad childhood script, my energy would vacillate wildly between overdoing to save others, and then falling into exhaustion. I had to reprogram myself to recognize when I was playing the “Rescuer” at my own expense.

Oftentimes people who experience Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are playing out an imprinted childhood script. This script has to do with the burden of selling out your own dreams and talents for the expectations of others. Most typically the “others” are your parents.

Now is the time to listen to your heart, as the Heart number for October is a 10 as well (Heart is month and Gift, 10+9=19=10). Number 10 represents loyalty, and if you have ever been guilt-tripped into being loyal to a person or unhealthy obligation, now is the time to break free and be loyal to yourself.

This is essential, as otherwise your nervous system will begin to suffer and potentially collapse from the strain of being untrue to yourself. Sometimes our body decides to take over and say, “Hey, wake-up, we’re not doing this anymore!”

A further point of interest is that the number 3 appears in the Base calculation (Base is month plus year, 10+11=21=3). Number 3 is the mischief-meister, so be careful of other people’s projections and promises as they may not all be genuine. Sometimes another person will send out a “baiting frequency” just to see if they can get you to react. This gives them a sense of power or control. You need to be the captain of your own ship and not waste precious time, energy, and momentum on illusions that will fade in the mist. Smarten up, and play your own game.

In the Positive polarity, the number 3 is creative, playful, and has an optimistic view of life.

Strengthen your navel point now by chanting the Tantric Har mantra, while pulling in on the navel point with each repetition of “Har.” Keep your awareness at the 3rd eye point while doing this. Practice for 5 to 11 minutes.

This meditation will allow you to instantly recognize the B.S. (bullshit), and keep yourself from being baited or fooled. Number 10 also represents our sense of pride, and the ability to keep that intact.

It’s all about the energy my friends, and preserving your precious core vitality. Then, from an elevated place (your 6th chakra) you can decide what is appropriate and how to maneuver through the sea of others’ expectations.

The demand level on consciously spiritual people is not going to lessen in these times; it will only increase. This requires an increase of self-love, self-kindness, and self-nurturing. The Universe will support you in this as you make a stand for your grace and sacred presence in the world. In the words of Yogi Bhajan:

 “All you have to remember is you. God rotates this Earth; God shall take care of your routine. In God we trust. Make yourself happy. Make others happy.”

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