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Numerology for June 2020: Cabin Fever

By Nam Hari

The month of June brings a renewed spark of boldness to our spirit, as we strive to navigate a world that is shifting with every step we take. The number 6 of June represents the themes of love, family, protection, prayer, community, and the immune system. We are longing for a greater connection with others, while keeping in mind ways to stay safe and protected in the process.

Easing back into a sense of normalcy is important now, as so many people are experiencing what is known as “cabin fever.” There is a safe way to do this, and depending on which state or part of the world you live in, this trend is already in motion. Reintegrating back into society creates “herd immunity,” which is part of what allows humanity to shake off illness. This is what I have learned through my personal research.

We’re going to jump right to the technical part here, as I am recommending the “Divine Shield Meditation for Protection and Positivity.” This practice is said to “eliminate the feeling of loneliness and separation from your Soul.” It is also an easy one to teach to children—and remember, you are now teaching your  child how to deal with extraordinary and unusual events. You are growing a spirit that can handle change and the heavy winds of time and space. Good job.                                                                                                                           

The number 6 represents the Arc Line, a protective bandwidth of light that crosses over the forehead. A strong Arc Line gives a radiance and confidence to your presence. It also allows you to “know the field,” and have a natural sense of where to be and where not to be. We’ve all had the experience of hearing the phone ring and immediately thinking, “I don’t know who it is, but I know I don’t want to pick it up!” That’s your Arc Line talking to you.

The world has become an increasingly complicated place, and in my opinion nearly impossible to navigate without some form of meditation. You can see meditation as a sort of “spiritual vitamin.” You take your vitamin C and Zinc every day for health and wellness, so be sure to invest at least 11 minutes a day in a meditation practice.

We have all had to learn new ways of doing things over the past two months, and one of my biggest lessons has been in the area of cooking. My philosophy had always been, “I solve other people’s problems all day; somebody else can cook.” Well, since there has been no in-restaurant dining, my usual way of living has been drastically altered.

Now I have become very good at reading directions on the food packages so I can prepare them properly. After a recent grocery delivery I realized that the rice package I had ordered was actually pre-cooked organic rice. This was such a happy moment for me, nearly dancing on stardust, as now I only had to add the rice to a half cup of simmering water and Voila! Dinner is almost ready!

Entertainment is important, and my latest find is the Bravo TV reality series “Below Deck.” Picture the Greek islands on a luxury sailing yacht with 12 young crew members who have just met each other. It’s a fast and furious pace to get the ship ready for the guests, and everyone is trying to keep it together as the crew drama unfolds onboard. This kind of show is typically known as a “guilty pleasure” (I don’t feel guilty), yet I can’t recommend it enough as a way to relieve yourself from feeling claustrophobic. Hoist your virtual sails to the Greek islands and enjoy!

Adaptation is the name of the game, and it is an ever-changing and sometimes uncertain landscape we are moving through. The lack of control we are feeling can be frustrating to the point of being infuriating. The Heart number for June is 8, and number 8 is bold, energetic, and wants to connect and communicate with others. As things are steadily opening up across our nation, the Heart of 8 has a “Go for it!” spirit and attitude. Many new businesses will develop from this, and they will be more resilient to change and fluctuations within the environment.

Touching back on the the number 6, it is good to be aware that 6 is the Fire Element. We have a few emotionally charged days this month, and they are the 3rd, 6th, 12th, 15th, 21st, 24th, and 30th. Choose the lines of least resistance on these days, as there will be a tendency for people to over-react when pressured. Number 6 likes things to be fair and balanced, so part of your “decompression dialogue” could be, “You seem a bit upset, let’s go over this again, I’d like things to be fair for you too.” If that doesn’t work then just bail-out of the conversation, as some people may be having an inconsolable moment and you don’t need to be fuel for their fire.

It is a delicate dance at times, knowing when to engage and when to distance yourself. All the more reason to strengthen your Arc Line, because then you will instinctively know the truth without belaboring in thought.

We are good, and we are going to move through this time and space with our best foot forward and a bright eye to the future. “This too shall pass,” and it always does, as the creative forces of the Universe are still at play and available to you.

Your power of prayer is magnificent at this time, and the simplest of steady intention can carve a way towards health, healing, and prosperity.

May the light of the Heavens guide and bless you, and may your Guardian Angel swoop down to touch your forehead with the vision of your safe and secure path. Sat Nam.

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