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Numerology for July 2020: Intuitive Intelligence & Presence

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of July brings a deeply introspective time to the planet, along with the evolving awareness that we are navigating a new reality paradigm that is unlikely to ever go back to “old school” normal.

This is really throwing people for a loop right now, as there is additionally a palatable level of exhaustion in the collective psyche. Many are feeling just plain worn-out by it all. Three months is a long time to endure such unusual and emotionally harsh circumstances, so we must adopt a new life strategy to best keep an even keel.

The number 7 of July represents the themes of elevation, the voice, self-trust, information, and applied intelligence. July is a very specific strategy-reset point in the calendar year. It is a time where we must learn from our mistakes and self-evolve into a new way of being on the planet. This includes the basics of food, exercise, meditation, as well as how we socially and spiritually keep ourselves together.

Seven is the Aura, or electro-magnetic field, surrounding the body. The Arc Line and the Aura can work together in a synchronistic dance of sensitivity to the environment and intuitive insight. We need to develop the relationship of these two energy fields so that our intelligence is supported by our ability to intuitively read the field. Let me share with you a perfect example of this.

I was recently standing in line at a 7-11 convenience store, bubbly drink in hand, waiting my turn to approach the register. Suddenly I heard the cashier, a petite east Indian woman, begin yelling, “Face mask, face mask, I told you already!” The man in front of her at the register, who might be characterized as “rough around the edges” began yelling back, “It’s broken, it’s broken, can’t you see it’s broken?” To which he started wildly flailing his face mask that had only one ear loop intact.

This banter started to escalate, and I sensed an impending flash-point where the man could become violent. I can’t prove it, but I felt an element of his agitation was sparked by being told what to do by a small woman of ethnic origin.

My first thought was, “Maybe I should say something to him,” but my intuition immediately stepped in (no social distancing there!) and said, “No, there’s another way.”

Then, from where I was standing, focusing from my Arc Line, I started to project into the collective space, “We’re okay, everything is okay...we are well.” Within a minute the man calmed down, the woman lowered her voice a bit, and he was then able to pay for his item and leave peacefully.

My dear friends, this is not rocket science, and you can do this too. You have a presence through your Aura, and an intuitive intelligence through your Arc Line. This dynamic duo can let you know where and to what degree to apply yourself. This is especially true for women, as we have a double Arc Line, creating an extra sensitivity. One of my all-time favorite quotes is by the Tibetans: “The best armor, is to stay out of range.”

Number 7 is the Water Element and our ability to flow through all of life’s circumstances. It can be difficult to “be in the flow,”—or to be “emotionally smooth”—if there are toxins in our body. Seven also represents the fluids in the body, as in our blood stream and lymphatic system. This is a good month to focus on purifying the blood and it can be easier than you might think.

Onions are traditionally known to have blood cleansing properties, so let me share with you one of my onion power tricks of the trade! Get one good organic onion and chop it up as reasonably small as you can. Then place the chopped onion in a glass bowl and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of Italian salad dressing. Cover and place the bowl in the refrigerator overnight.

You then add a couple of tablespoons of the marinated onion to your salad or other food at meal time. Both parsley and cilantro help cleanse the blood and liver, so you can have quite the healthful salad as a part of your July tune-up.

Ever hear the expression, “Cool as a cucumber”? This is because cucumbers are good for the kidneys, which help maintain your reserve strength. And if you really want to go for the gold, add a red radish to the mix. Your skin is glowing already!

The parks and the beaches are re-opening, so get yourself outside at least once a week for nature day. Seven is the domain of the great outdoors, and the electromagnetic field of the Earth and ocean will help heal you now.

I am going to recommend to you this month the yogic kriya, Purify the Self. It is a relatively easy 5 exercise set that can bring the deep relaxation you need to rebuild a new life-stream of energy in you.

We all have had moments in life where we flow and we know. This instinctive sense of being is meant to be part of our natural existence. However, our modern lifestyles do not always honor our ability to recognize and maintain this flow.

A Sage once said, “If you do not have the flow of your own psyche, you will have nothing but anxiety.” Your intention and practice through diet, exercise, spirituality, and nature is your only real insurance for successfully navigating the days ahead.

The month of July is meant to be a gift to you, so you may reset and regroup yourself for the days ahead. There is an element of “Class 4 Rapids” at different points in the remainder of this year, yet you do not need to capsize if you get yourself ship-shape now.

We are in extraordinary times, there is no doubt about it. We need to develop the ability to elevate ourselves out of the density of the emotional gravitational field when it gets too heavy. Filter what you listen to in the world, and maintain a higher frequency within your own psyche as a touchstone point of reference.

On a highly positive note, the full moon lunar eclipse on July 4/5 brings with it the ability to clarify relationship dynamics and let go of what is no longer healthy. Much of the previous month has been a “rooting out” process of what is not working in our relationships. It may have been dramatic, but you had to get the dead roots out. Now the soil is clear and aerated for the new field of dreams. You can now attract people who are in greater alignment with your authentic self. So keep purifying and the Universe just may deliver what you’ve been praying for!

We are good, and we are the very essence of creativity in the world. Through our elevated spirit we will connect and co-create the solutions that will heal humanity. May God bless you, heal you, and guide you through all the domains of time and space with wisdom and grace. Sat Nam.

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