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Numerology for July 2016: Tempest & Turmoil vs Elevation

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of July is a time of tempest and turmoil, arguably the most challenging month of the year.

People’s hearts are at a breaking point, and there is an undercurrent of distrust and intense dissatisfaction within the collective psyche on planet Earth. This is further amplified by the negative news feed we are nearly forced to navigate every day.

Why is so much disintegrating before our very eyes, and where does it end?

The number 7 represents the Water Element, and there is a double intensity at play with the month being a 7, as well as the Gift number (last two digits of Year, 1+6 =7).

Water is cleansing, as well as revealing. Whenever there is a flood things are swept away, revealing what is beneath the surface. Tree roots are exposed, basements revealed, and the skeletal bare bones of people’s deeply rooted suffering hits the light of day.

This cleansing is occurring to allow for a new beginning in the calendar year of 2017, a time of expansion and prosperity on planet Earth. There is a catch, of course--you have to do your cleansing first. If a safe deposit box is full of rusty tin cans, where can you put the new fortune when it arrives?

The overall number for 2016 is a 9, and number 9 represents clearing, completion, and death. It also represents “Mastery over Mystery,” and whatever tattva (element) you cannot master will create a mystery of deception and broken trust. I know this might sound ridiculously heavy, however, how many times have you “set yourself up for the fall” when all the warning signs were right there on the road?

Let’s get personal, and I’ll be brave enough to use myself as an example. I recently had to look at how much sugar I was consuming in my diet. Too much, because sugar is everywhere—it’s in practically everything. Sugar was also the only acceptable coping mechanism in my family dynamic when I was a child. As in, “We don’t talk about things in this household, but you can have another donut instead.” I just recently realized how much I have been leaning on sugary foods when things go bad. As in, “There’s been another bombing in Beirut, so I can have a chocolate eclair.”

This behavior obviously isn’t helping anyone, and I realized it was time for a change. I got GTF vitamins (glucose tolerance factor) at the health food store, several varieties of roasted chickpea and pumpkin seed snacks for protein and minerals, and the affirmation, “All the Love is in the here and now, I am healed through my wise choices.”

We have the choice, and this is the crux of the situation. We can choose better relationships, a better way to communicate, and a higher level of self-esteem that is our touchstone for navigating the present reality.

Disentangling from the pain of what is familiar is not always easy, and this is why the repetitive patterns of suffering so often continue. Staring down at the bulls-eye of what exactly has been wrong in our lives takes courage, and it also requires a plan to elevate ourselves.

The double 7’s of July literally create a sink or swim situation. We can drown in emotional despair, or we can look towards ways to cleanse ourselves and elevate our existence. When number 7 goes negative it represents the emotion of resentment.

The resentment of feeling trapped by circumstances beyond our control is actually a very common issue right now. Trapped in a relationship, a health concern, dead-end job, etc. “If I could just break free from this I’d be happy!” is a more common undercurrent than you might imagine.

Let’s look to solutions for this. We might not be able to change our life on the spot, however, we can improve our ability to maneuver through the environments.

Number 7 is connected to the fluids in our body, and the ability to sweat out toxins through the lymphatic system and pores of the skin. Get yourself a little “scrubbie” from the skin care section of the drug store or health food store. Go to a day spa or hot springs and exfoliate the surface layer of your skin so you can better expel toxins from your body. Sit in the sauna for as long as you reasonably can, and tell yourself, “I’m letting it all go, I am free from my past.”

In the field of the Bach Flower Essences, Crab Apple is for cleansing, and Larch is for self-confidence. You can add a few drops of these remedies to the water you bring with you in the sauna, as well as what you are drinking throughout the day.

The “Sat Siri, Siri Akal” mantra directly alleviates despair, and there is an excellent version that was recorded during a live sadhana in a yurt in North Holland. I just fell in love with this, and I imagine myself sitting with these beautifully devoted young people, chanting from their heart and soul. Here is the link, and you can do the same:                     

Yogi Bhajan has said that when we are challenged in life there are 3 impulses:                 
1. To withdraw and be alone.                                                                                            
2. To deny or fantasize about the future.                                                                                     
3. To live greedily or in scarcity, instead of prosperity.

This mantra helps one overcome these tendencies, and invokes courage and caliber. Give yourself a chance, and if you are feeling generous, grab a sinking friend by the collar and say, “Hey, chant this with me for 11 minutes, let’s outshine the shadows”—this is the Aquarian Age my friends, the helping hand of grace and kindness extended to another.

There are many, many good things happening in the world right now. People are changing, evolving, and helping each other. We are the pioneers, and this takes courage. Know in your heart that nothing can destroy the brilliance of the human spirit as it seeks to find its wings in the winds of this world’s evolution.

We are all in this together, and may the Heavens grant you the peace within your heart and the strength within your Soul to find your way home. Sat Nam.

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