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Numerology Forecast for September 2014: Ask for Help, Endure, and Seek Inner Guidance

By Nam Hari Kaur

The fun just doesn’t stop on planet Earth as we roll into the merry month of September. We are in the last phase of a very challenging 3 month cycle that began on June 22 of this year, and September is the final phase.

We want our freedom, and we want it now. The Heart number for September is a 5, and this number 5 will be screaming, “Don’t fence me in. Don’t tell me what to do!” As intense as it may get (and it will), just know that whatever you are no longer supposed to have, or do, is going to fall away at this time. If you choose to stubbornly cling to that which is no longer working, you will suffer.

This type of suffering is totally unnecessary, and it is not what the Universe wants for you. The good news in the big picture of September is that if you actively seek or pray for help, it will be there for you. The Angels really want us to get on with the business of our personal liberation and higher Destiny calling, and there will be an almost instant connectivity of kindred spirits who are seeking alignment with others.

There is a real element of magic here, as the number 9 of September represents the Subtle Body and our ability to attract and connect with like-minded Souls. This is in the positive polarity, of course. If you are operating from a place of impatience, which is 9 in the negative polarity, then you might find yourself in the wrong boat.

Because of a unique dynamic between the numbers 9 and 5 this month, our patience will be tested, and we will need to develop the quality of endurance. Your new best friend is your own physical, mental, and spiritual endurance. It is now a game of self liberation, and you might as well play it, ‘cause it’s the only game in town.

How to develop this higher spectrum of endurance? Well, your Angels are working for you already, and God really loves you, because here is the Kundalini Yoga “Crisis Kit”. Go to this link and scroll down to the kriya “Meditation to Fight Brain Fatigue and Live Your Excellence” (pages 104,105). It is a 9 minute pranayam, with a 6 minute silent meditation. You have 15 minutes a day to invest in your well-being; this is the time to reclaim your personal power. Don’t let a ghost from the past make you crawl.

It is now essential to develop a very strong internal guidance system. As the energy on the planet is shifting, it is affecting our ability to experience a sense of normalcy and stability. This is making people feel very insecure, and even depressed. Many people are feeling, “How did I get so lost, why am I not where I want to be?”

On a cross-country road trip, you would usually see signs on the journey that would say, “Next Rest Stop 45 Miles,” or, “Food and Gas Next Exit.” Everything is so jumbled right now that the usual signs are not there. The only way to know where the next safe rest stop is, is from within your own psyche. Yogi Bhajan has said of these times,

“If you do not have the flow of your psyche, you will have nothing but anxiety.”

Okay, I intentionally shared all the heavy stuff first, because, there is a light at the end of the tunnel here. That light begins in the month of October, and beyond. We are in the darkest hour before the dawn in September, and the dawn does arrive in October.

Does this mean that everything will turn into a magical fairy-tale in October? No, of course not. However, it is the beginning of a far more auspicious time, if you have done your spiritual homework. How can you graduate if you haven’t done the homework?

One of the most popular questions I get is, “Please tell me when things are going to get better?” There are answers to this by a birth date or Universal Cycle, however, the bottom line is that you can always make things better through your own applied consciousness.

The number 9 of this month represents “Mastery over Mystery.” There is no possibility for mastery without self-discipline. If you would like to see an exquisite example of self-mastery, watch this 3 minute clip from the movie “House of Flying Daggers.” The heroine did not achieve her level of excellence by sitting on the sofa eating chocolate Bon-Bons all day. And ladies, there is an interesting message here, if you have the ability to read between the lines.

Join with me in the suggested Kundalini meditation, and let’s meet again on the high road of spiritual destiny and grace in October. Big hug to you, and Sat Nam.

“Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. The total potential of the person becomes known to the person. Every known has an unknown potential and that unknown potential it is your right to know.”
-Yogi Bhajan 5-1-88

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