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Numerology Forecast for October 2014: From Misfortune to Good Fortune!

By Nam Hari Kaur

The time is upon us, and now is the time. Similar to the Red Sea parting, giving Moses and his people safe passage to the yonder shore, we too must act on spiritual instinct and respond quickly to the opportunities ahead.

There is a new mood and momentum that will be fueling our greater dreams and ambitions this month, and it has been a long time coming. Everything previous to October of 2014 has had an almost “jail-break” mentality about it. “I’ve got to get out, I’ve got to make a change,” has been a part of nearly everyone’s emotional landscape this year. The mental, emotional, and circumstantial chains of the past have been rattling so loudly that we can no longer ignore our Soul’s call for liberation.

The number 10 of October has to do with issues of authority, self-sovereignty, and being responsive to our higher self. The word “sovereign” is often associated with the themes of nobility and the traditional archetypes of Kings, Lords, and Nobles. However, there is another definition for the word sovereign, and that is “effective or potent.” We now need to focus upon the most effective and potent course of action, knowing that the winds of change are in our favor.

Because so many of us have been trained to seek approval from authority figures, it is sometimes difficult to make the shift at a deeper level to self-sovereignty. Instead of saying, “I agree to be held captive on some level to insure that you’ll still love me,” the higher ground is, “I love myself enough to shine fully, and I know your higher self wants to stand in that light too.”

This new posture of excellence requires energy and a strong nervous system, and both these goals will be achieved by practicing the pranayam, “Breath of 10 Meditation to Become Dis-ease Free.” Now you’ve got some energy to work with!

The Base number for October is an 8 (Month of 10 + Year of 7 = 8), and this 8 is by way of 17, which is a lucky number! How this translates is that as you release and let go of the fears of your past, good fortune is on the new pathway.

October is an excellent time to start a new business, get married, travel, or just branch out in a different direction in your life. No more sitting on the sidelines, you’re in the game.

Wherever you have experienced trauma or misfortune, you need to let it go in favor of the greater good to be gained by being alive and present in the moment.

Independence is another theme of the number 10, and while it is important to get along well with others, there is an energy in this month that calls upon us to make a stand for ourselves, even if we stand alone.

However, we are never really alone, and what can and will stand with us at this time is our original spirit—that part of ourselves which may have been lost or forgotten in our youth, that magical place where our fresh sense of possibility runs free.  

As a child growing up in New York City, I can remember driving down the Long Island Expressway out to the North Shore of the island. Along this journey, set back from the highway and across a field, I would always notice a little calico pony, by itself, standing in a very small corral. This made me feel terribly sad, as I instinctively knew the little pony did not have enough space to be happy. I could also feel that he was sad because he had no company. Every time we drove past this scene I wanted to shout out to my mother, “Stop, stop the car, I want to get out, there’s something I have to do!” I imagined running across the field, opening the gate, jumping on the calico pony’s back and riding away from all that we knew.

I didn’t know exactly where we would go, but somehow I felt that it would be better than our present circumstances.

Well, at 8 years old, even then I was aware that it would be a long-shot to get my mother to stop the car, so I kept quiet. But I never forgot that little pony.

There is a place in you that wants to come alive again, an original spirit that knows your greater dreams and passions are truly possible. You only need to remember that you’re the one who’s driving the car now, and that little pony is just waiting for you to slow down, break free, and run across the field to the corral. Happy trails.

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