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Numerology Forecast for the New Year: 2019

By Nam Hari Kaur

If you needed to pick a movie title for a film that has drama, intensity, and sweeping highs and lows, the name for that film could be “2019.” This is a year that will bring out the very best and the worst of the human experience. Your conscious choice is at the helm of the ship, and if you can remember one thing, remember this:

“Every defeat in life is based on your reaction. The moment you react, you are out of your psyche; the moment you are out of your psyche, you are dead—you have no defense. Never react, maintain your psyche.”
-Yogi Bhajan July 7, 1989

This quote is what I would call the Touchstone Truth of 2019. Whenever you are tempted, taunted, or challenged in any way, remember these words. They can save you from a personal disaster that may be difficult to recuperate from.

The Gift number of 2019 is a 10 (1+9= 10), and number 10 is “All or Nothing!” People will be feeling moved to aggressively put their all into new projects and endeavors, and personal consciousness will determine whether they benefit or harm humanity.

The number 10 in its un-evolved form can have an “every man for himself” approach to life. We have certainly witnessed this throughout 2018 in the world’s social issues. In its evolved form number 10 is wise and benevolent leadership; no one is left out.

Shifting now to the overall number for 2019, we have the number 3 heating up the soup!

Yes, 3 is the Fire Element, and this will be heavily influencing people’s behavior. All forms of social media will be on fire with people expressing their concerns, and the dialogue will become quite heated, if not incendiary at times.

Humanity will be seeking, even recklessly at times, a way to cope and deal with the stress level. And most importantly, our youth is at risk this year.  Number 3 represents children and their need for nurturing and supportive environments. I do not want to get into a big negative spin on how your kids could be vulnerable, but I will say that every family should have a weekly “check-in” time. For a half hour each week, even if you have to bribe them with ice cream, get you and your kids into a round table discussion.

Ask questions like, “How can our family be happier?” Or, “If there was one thing at school you could change, what would it be?”

Note their reactions, what is being said, as well as what might be simmering beneath the surface. Your intuitive insight could be the tipping point of saving yours or someone else’s kid from bullying, overdose, or even a lack of food in someone else’s household.

Okay, now onward and upward to the good stuff of 2019! With number 3 at the forefront, we can expect that our most positive and creative dreams and ambitions have a great vote of confidence from the Universal forces. We are meant to get out there and manifest this year, like never before. Gone is the ball and chain of last year, with that Gift number of 9 demanding that we finish up, clear, and complete our karmic lessons. Whew, what a trip!

The present Gift number of 10 says, “Go for it, now’s your time!”

Go for it you will, as there is something in the air that moves and inspires us with a new inner knowingness. Similar to Luke Skywalker in the very first of the Star War films, we can see him on his dusty old home planet looking towards the heavens, as he thinks to himself, “I know there’s something more for me out there.”

Yes, there is absolutely more for you, and this is the year to engage with your Positive Mind so you may manifest a greater dimension of your creative expression.

Express you must and will, because number 3 does not hold back once its creative engines get fired up. Find ways to connect with your birds of a feather, as 3 is social energy mixed with playful dialogue and banter.

Focus on your diet and health this year, as number 3 represents food, as well as the internal organ of the liver. A spring and fall liver cleanse will greatly help enhance your ability to manage your emotions. When the liver has too many toxins a person will feel angry, depressed, or even suicidal. Consult a health care specialist if you find you are dwelling too long in any of these emotional valleys. There is an abundance of help out there, so don’t let the shadow tendrils get hold of you.

Number 10 is the archetype of the warrior, and sometimes in life we must take a stand and fight for what is right. I have mentioned this film before, and I will mention it again, as it is the perfect example of what will be happening on the planet this year.

The 2010 version of “The Karate Kid” is a brilliant example of a young person being trained to develop and trust his own moral high-ground, no matter what the odds are. The number 10 requires us to have a code, a personal code of honor, where we know where we stand in relation to the world. If you have 4 minutes to spare, watch this clip from the movie, and notice the presence of the Teacher, and the prayer of the Mother. This is how we will change the world.

No matter what the intensity, corruption, and even illusion of what this world may throw at you, keep to your code. Then you are always a winner, no matter what the score.

Number 10 is also the nervous system, so keep the Yogi Tea brewing and celery sticks a’crunching! Yogi Bhajan said once that sometimes people overeat because their brain does not have enough stimulation through the action of chewing food. Eat more foods like celery, toasted corn nuts, and organic bread that has that “old world” crustiness to it. This also helps to balance the jaw, which regulates your body’s energy flow.

Goodness, what a year and what a time on planet Earth. May we dwell in the love that the Heavens hold us in, and may we know our steps are being guided from a light within, and above. Peace and Blessings to you, as we walk forward in great spirit together. Sat Nam.

How to Navigate 2019: Gift of 10—My Code, My Way

  1. Don’t react. Rise above through posture and elevated presence. Break it Down: I’m too cool to fall for your game.
  2. I’ve got my nervous system together, here’s why:
    3 min. of Archer pose, breath of fire, every day.
    3 cups of Yogi Tea
    3 stalks of celery or 3 inches of ginger root, raw or cooked in food.
  3. Meditate on or chant the Ardaas Bhaee mantra for 3 to 11 minutes a day. Also, say aloud: Guru Ram Das and Guru Amar Das have got my back, and they are gently guiding me through every situation.
  4. Affirm for yourself, “I have a purpose and a place in the world, and I am always being guided towards my right livelihood and personal excellence.”
  5. Relax! Know when to stop and take a time out and a day off. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the Aquarian Age transition will take many more years to complete itself. Pace yourself and enjoy the journey.
  6. Smile! The world loves you when you smile, and number 10 represents your smile and the Radiant Body. You are so very attractive when you smile, truly.
  7. Water: drink quality water and sweat it out. Sweating and exercise get the endorphins going, and this adjusts your mood.
  8. Equilibrium: “I control my personal equilibrium, and no one can take it away from me.” That’s right, you got the power.
  9. Patience: Know that we are a part of a much larger arc of human evolution, and it’s not always easy being at the head of the pack. A leader must know when to adjust their expectations, and have patience with others.
  10. Know you are Blessed: The Angelic realm, the Guru’s, Saints and Sages have no one else but you to work with on this plane of existence. They will not let you down, simply ask and you shall receive.

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